Santa Tell Me



It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas. There’s quite a lot of love-hate relationship going on with it. Worry not, I am on the loving side.

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. Everybody is up for having a celebration, the streets of London turn even prettier with the Christmas lights and despite clients nagging you with a gazillion things do’s (as if the world is ending), I am generally in a happier mood.

I know it shouldn’t be like this, but Christmas feels like the best opportunity to spend time with your loved ones: family, friends and relatives. And that’s why I am so happy! I am surrounded by the people I like the most, having a great time together. What’s not to like?

Of course, that involves a lot of eating and drinking and generally speaking not much sleeping. But hey, I like to think we’ll be forever young.

On one of our first Christmas outings in the city, we decided to catch up on the famous attractions of this Christmas 2018 and I think the star this year is the private member’s club Annabel’s. I was well impressed by their stunt over Chelsea Flower Show in spring, but this time they have outdone themselves. Look at it, it’s unmissable!

As a celebration of all my favorite things I came up with quite an outfit, impersonating my fave Disney movie - Alice in Wonderland! Ok, maybe a mixture between Alice and the Red Riding Hood. What do you guys think? What do you see?

What can I say, I love stars. I love red and I love stilettos! And I definitely love my new ROC London bag, resembling the Vinyl Hermes Kelly from 1997.



ROC London Kelly Bag
Sister Jane Star Dress
ASOS Frilled Socks
ZARA Red Coate
ZARA Mary Jane Shoes

There's always time to dress up

Photography by Steph from City + Palm 

Photography by Steph from City + Palm 

There's always time to dress up. Specially if you are head over heels in your favourite US city: New York. 

A good friend of mine once told me how amazing the spot her husband chose to propose to her in the city, and it wasn't until my last visit, that I got to understand what she meant. They got engaged a couple of years back at Gantry Plaza State Park, "with great views of Manhattan!" she said. 

Skeptical me though: why going to such a remote spot when you can get amazing views of the city in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, for instance? Oh gurls, I was wrong. This spot has indeed GREAT views. And best of all, it's not crowded. There's even sun lounges to lay in during a hot sunny day! Only drawback is that there is not much around it. If you plan heading that way, make sure you grab some essentials (i.e. cigarettes, alcohol and minimal nibbles). You'll need them.

I was feeling quite fabulous that day, so I put on my favourite preppy style look from J. Crew :) Ah, I love mixing minimal white dresses with a splash of colour, specially if that is in gingham! I must admit my obsession for stars and gingham is worryingly increasing, but hey ho, off we go!

TCB xx


WHAT I WORE (if old, or sold out, there's similar items!)

The Unknown LIC

Photography By Steph from  City And Palm

Photography By Steph from City And Palm

I think y'all know how much I love New York. It's been a long-time affair and the more I visit the Big Apple, the more I want to get to know her better. 

I love visiting my usual shops and restaurants. getting my bagel from Black Seed and my matcha fix from Cha Cha Matcha, not without stopping at the uber cool and girl power shop Bulletin. But hipster stereotypes aside, every time I am there I like to discover something different. That's what keeps things interesting, right? 

So, I decided to venture out and discover what I feel many New Yorkers don't even visit much: Long Island City, or LIC. It was surprising to see how empty most of it was on a Saturday morning! That, or everybody was still sleeping off their hangovers...Lucky them. 

In any case, while wandering the streets of this yet to be trendy spot, we encounter ourselves with Magic - A HUGE Cola sign. I must admit, I love Coca-cola. It's definitely one of my weaknesses, along with fries and ice-cream (seriously, such a healthy diet). Unfortunately the sign was for Pepsi-Cola, its eternal enemy, but nevertheless a great photo op we couldn't miss. 

Lolita #outfitrole ON, glasses and lips on point, and here we go! The weather nearly melt us along the way, but it was totes worth it.

TCB xx


Candid Alice


Spring (or rather Summer?) has arrived to London. And that tiny little good girl inside of me had the urge to come out to blossom, specially since it was Chelsea Flower Market recently, on top of my 30th birthday celebrations.

So here we are, another year, another pink dress. Same glasses (Taylor Morris, forever!) and lots of gold. More food, new flowers. Mad celebrations, great company. 

Am I making sense? Don't intend to. 




&Other Stories Blush Pink Dress and mini bag
Taylor Morris sunnies
ZARA Gold Sandals (oldie, similar here)
Maria Pascual (what else!) Jewelry

Cool Kids Wear Yellow


Photography by Rosalind Alcazar

Buying clothes that aren't black is sometimes a challenge. However, I don't know what's happened to me lately but all I want to do is wear simple but BOLD outfits. Color-blocking, mainly. Reds, Yellows, Purples, and today, as we speak, royal blue. What the heck? I must say I am enjoying myself, though. Turning heads it's my favourite past time in London.



David Hampton Lilly Backpack
Lemon Print Leggings (old, similar below)
Topshop Black Jumper
Nike Air Force Sneakers
Roberi & Fraud Sunnies

Sk8ter Gurl


If there is a sport that I am passionate about (apart from Badminton, obvs) is skating and skate boarding. I have never been a sports girl, so you won’t find a pro in me, but surely it is a funnier way to go from one place to another? I remember my trips to school music in my skateboard very fondly, I must admit.

Truth is though, since I moved to London I’ve barely touched my skate. The streets of London kind of freak me sometimes: there’s far too many cars and bumpy roads, and you never know what can happen*

Nevertheless, I recently got a very nice delivery from Weekday, which has recently open its first flagship in London, and I thought I would go to the skatepark in Southbank. Obvs, I dressed up for the occasion.

It is funny how the weather can affect so much the way you dress. A tiny slip colourful dress that I would never in London is totally something I would wear back home in Barcelona. Equally, it wouldn’t cross my mind to wear all-black-everything in Barcelona but it is practically my uniform in London.

And so I thought, let’s break the barriers (I am VERY daring, I know). I took a beach dress and put on my Christian Dior under/outerwear and off we go! Add a bomber jacket to it and it’s a killer.

TCB xx

*Bare in mind I come from a beach town and I use to skate by the beach walkway!


Indian Breeze








I mean, where did summer go? Not that I am that bother about it at this point (I just came back from Barcelona, fully recharged), but seeing some sunshine would be nice :) 

Sunshine and hot weather make people happier, and more willing to do outdoors stuff. So, we took advantage of the weather sometime ago before my departure to Promise Land and wandered around Granary Sq/ King's Cross afterwork. For the occasion, I recycled my wedding dress and decided to wear it more casually, with flats on. You know I am not the kind of person who wears one outfit once, your money would be wasted otherwise. Also, I think this dress is particularly quite versatile, so why not? 

Now speaking of money...this area has certainly developed within the last few years. I remember when I first visit London many moons ago. King's Cross was considered to be dodgy, even the Red Light District of the city. These days, it's a hub for mega-companies like Google and a hub for shopping and afterwork wine & dine. Who'd knew!