Sk8ter Gurl


If there is a sport that I am passionate about (apart from Badminton, obvs) is skating and skate boarding. I have never been a sports girl, so you won’t find a pro in me, but surely it is a funnier way to go from one place to another? I remember my trips to school music in my skateboard very fondly, I must admit.

Truth is though, since I moved to London I’ve barely touched my skate. The streets of London kind of freak me sometimes: there’s far too many cars and bumpy roads, and you never know what can happen*

Nevertheless, I recently got a very nice delivery from Weekday, which has recently open its first flagship in London, and I thought I would go to the skatepark in Southbank. Obvs, I dressed up for the occasion.

It is funny how the weather can affect so much the way you dress. A tiny slip colourful dress that I would never in London is totally something I would wear back home in Barcelona. Equally, it wouldn’t cross my mind to wear all-black-everything in Barcelona but it is practically my uniform in London.

And so I thought, let’s break the barriers (I am VERY daring, I know). I took a beach dress and put on my Christian Dior under/outerwear and off we go! Add a bomber jacket to it and it’s a killer.

TCB xx

*Bare in mind I come from a beach town and I use to skate by the beach walkway!