UFOs & Snoopy

Photography by  Roz Alcazar

Photography by Roz Alcazar

Some feared this trend dialing up but to be honest, I am loving it. Bring on the fluor!

Whether it’s in my clothes or in flashing lights, I love neon. And in a city like London, where grey reigns your everyday life, you need some color to jazz things up. Why not make that color fluor?

I agree not all colors would be flattering in this instance, but a yellow or a green neon #OOTD can look pretty badass, if you choose right.

On my last trip home to Barcelona, I had a mum-daughter shopping day (our favorite kind of day) and we’ve encountered many high street shops rocking those colors. So we caved in. And here’s the result! Mix and match and you’ll be the queen of street fashion. And yes, I have a snoopy bag.



Stradivarius Yellow Jumper and Beanie
ZARA Kids Peanuts Handbag
Mango Lillac Straight Jeans
Gucci Spike Sneakers

Heat don't leave me


Summer seriously IS the best season of the year. There's no need to carry a thousand layers to keep warm and you can grab an ice cream anytime, anywhere. What else would a girl want?

It's been difficult to process how amazing the weather in the city has been this year. Out of my 4 years living in London, the so-called 'Indian Summer' has never last this long. Now I just hope it stays forever. 

To be able to dress like I were home, eat like I were home (if not better...let's not forget London has a paramount of foodie options), and even swim like I were home (hello, London Fields Lido) is the best feeling ever. And it's a feeling I don't want to let go, just yet. 

You know any occasion is a good occasion to dress up, especially in my world. My profound love for gingham, colourful outfits and starts doesn’t seem to cease and so I thought, major dress for a casual walk by the South Bank? Sure!

I must admit I haven’t been able to be the shopping queen I usually am. This year travel has imposed its ruling over anything else, and I am totally swayed by it. Not that I am complaining, I am sailing on a boat in Montenegro as you read this…but it just means that my shopping has become much more restrained, only focusing on this that I reaaally, really like. If there is a shop I always visit when I go home, that’s Uterque. The winner of this season’s wardrobe, and probably the A/W, too. I’ve already scored few pieces from the new collection on my last visit home! Don’t miss out, it’s a BANG!

Feel The Old Blues

Photography by Tomi  Gadgetsboy

Photography by Tomi Gadgetsboy

As winter comes creeping us again, I just remembered my encounter with Tomi a couple of weeks ago. We decided to go for a walk around London Bridge, as it has one of the most idilic and iconic views of the city, but DANG were we cold! 

Of course, one always dresses to impress, which meant not only that I was freezing to death, but also that I had to pretend I wasn't! Fashion comes with a price, after all.

Sunday it was, and as my new year resolution, my feet gets a rest once a week, on Sundays. No heels and more sneakers, that is. And yes, I succumbed to the VANS craze. What can I say, the look old-skool and fun. Plus they are comfy! I paired the skater look with a chic baby blue jacket from Le Mont St Michel that I got on my recent trip to Paris. Have I told you I love mixing up casual and dress-up pieces?

TCB xx


Le Mont St Michel Baby blue Bomber Jacket
Marques Almeida Denim Top
Pull & Bear Bell Skirt
Old Skool VANS
Gucci Dyonisus
GIGI HADID for Vogue Eyewear

Egg Nogg and other sweeties


Candy World

for a Candy Girl.
Happy Holi-loli-days!

It's my favourite time of the year again. Happy Holidays! As I pretend to wrap up with outfits that cover less than bikinis over summer, I wish you all the best for this festivities and an amazing entry to the new year 2018!

Here goes one last outfit inspo...Velvet Skirts, Furry Tops and Cozy Maxi Scarfs...What else?

TCB xx

Photography by Roz Alcazar

Poppy Lissiman Sunnies
H&M Oversize Scarf
Glassworks London Velvet Black Skirt (only available in-store)
Glassworks London Furry Pink Top (only available in-store)
Loewe Barcelona HandBag

Take The Red Pill

Photography by  Stephanie Arvelo

Photography by Stephanie Arvelo

I bloody love New York, this is certainly one of those cities that irradiates inspiration, at least to me.

Whenever I visit this city, I always come home with plenty of ideas I want to take on board, and that’s so refreshing. The people you meet here, the adventures you encounter...there’s no place like New York.

That not only translates to ideas, but also to my fashion sense. On a recent blog post I told about outfit roles. Well, in this occasion I just felt like I was Jenny from the Block, so I tried to think what I would wear if I were singing ‘All I Have’ with Ll Cool JJ. Here’s the result. Also a good combo between Matrix and Clueless, but more badass.

Hope you like it, I love it.

TCB xx


Topshop Jumpsuit
Track Sole Leather Boots
Pink Beanie
Uterque Handbag (old)

Lights Galore

Laura G_Chinatown-11.jpg
Photography by  Allaire Bartel

Photography by Allaire Bartel

New York truly is the city that never sleeps. No matter what you do, you’ll be able to get your tattoo done at 1AM or have that prescription filled at Duane Reade at 4,30AM before heading home.

There’s something about wondering the streets of New York late at night. Neon lights, buzzing vibe, take-out food, yellow taxis … CHAOS, and I love it.

Chinatown is one of those areas that is open 24/7, and the adventures that can happen around this neighbourhood always live up to my expectations. It feels as if the city is asking me to misbehave, and I am so easily convinced…Not that I am going to give away any of those stories now, some things are best kept secret.

But what I will say is that there’s a reason why we all heart this city, from the personal stories it gives us from nights out in town to the local haunts the day after. Specially, if you are in good company. You know it, right?

TCB xx

Laura G_Chinatown-3.jpg
Laura G_Chinatown-8.jpg
Laura G_Chinatown-1.jpg
Laura G_Chinatown-10.jpg
Laura G_Chinatown-7.jpg
Laura G_Chinatown-9.jpg
Laura G_Chinatown-6.jpg



In Los Angeles

Everyone is a star.


Here's to the ones who dream

Foolish as they may seem
Here's to the hearts that break
Here's to the mess we make



Photography by Simply Adri

Sk8ter Gurl


If there is a sport that I am passionate about (apart from Badminton, obvs) is skating and skate boarding. I have never been a sports girl, so you won’t find a pro in me, but surely it is a funnier way to go from one place to another? I remember my trips to school music in my skateboard very fondly, I must admit.

Truth is though, since I moved to London I’ve barely touched my skate. The streets of London kind of freak me sometimes: there’s far too many cars and bumpy roads, and you never know what can happen*

Nevertheless, I recently got a very nice delivery from Weekday, which has recently open its first flagship in London, and I thought I would go to the skatepark in Southbank. Obvs, I dressed up for the occasion.

It is funny how the weather can affect so much the way you dress. A tiny slip colourful dress that I would never in London is totally something I would wear back home in Barcelona. Equally, it wouldn’t cross my mind to wear all-black-everything in Barcelona but it is practically my uniform in London.

And so I thought, let’s break the barriers (I am VERY daring, I know). I took a beach dress and put on my Christian Dior under/outerwear and off we go! Add a bomber jacket to it and it’s a killer.

TCB xx

*Bare in mind I come from a beach town and I use to skate by the beach walkway!


Outfit Roles


Good Morning Careless readers! 

As I write you from my London home with my tights on in the middle of August (that is British Summer, FYI), I look back with nostalgia at the pictures I took few weeks ago with JJ Smith in King's Cross. How can the weather change so drastically? I must be becoming very English, cause that's all I think about lately. 

In any case, if you've been following my online stories, you've probably noticed I love to play out a role for every outfit I wear, or what I call #OutfitRole. Consciously or not, there's always a character or an idea in mind when we dress up, and I love to play along with it as much as I can. So far I've already been a Power Ranger, a ninja, Christina Aguilar and Scully from X-files. I wonder what the future holds? The look you see below it's one of my favourites from my NY shopping and it totally calls out an urban Venetian Boater. Or do you see something else? Press PLAY!

Stay tuned,

TCB xx