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Spring (or rather Summer?) has arrived to London. And that tiny little good girl inside of me had the urge to come out to blossom, specially since it was Chelsea Flower Market recently, on top of my 30th birthday celebrations.

So here we are, another year, another pink dress. Same glasses (Taylor Morris, forever!) and lots of gold. More food, new flowers. Mad celebrations, great company. 

Am I making sense? Don't intend to. 




&Other Stories Blush Pink Dress and mini bag
Taylor Morris sunnies
ZARA Gold Sandals (oldie, similar here)
Maria Pascual (what else!) Jewelry

Feel The Old Blues

Photography by Tomi  Gadgetsboy

Photography by Tomi Gadgetsboy

As winter comes creeping us again, I just remembered my encounter with Tomi a couple of weeks ago. We decided to go for a walk around London Bridge, as it has one of the most idilic and iconic views of the city, but DANG were we cold! 

Of course, one always dresses to impress, which meant not only that I was freezing to death, but also that I had to pretend I wasn't! Fashion comes with a price, after all.

Sunday it was, and as my new year resolution, my feet gets a rest once a week, on Sundays. No heels and more sneakers, that is. And yes, I succumbed to the VANS craze. What can I say, the look old-skool and fun. Plus they are comfy! I paired the skater look with a chic baby blue jacket from Le Mont St Michel that I got on my recent trip to Paris. Have I told you I love mixing up casual and dress-up pieces?

TCB xx


Le Mont St Michel Baby blue Bomber Jacket
Marques Almeida Denim Top
Pull & Bear Bell Skirt
Old Skool VANS
Gucci Dyonisus
GIGI HADID for Vogue Eyewear

Take The Red Pill

Photography by  Stephanie Arvelo

Photography by Stephanie Arvelo

I bloody love New York, this is certainly one of those cities that irradiates inspiration, at least to me.

Whenever I visit this city, I always come home with plenty of ideas I want to take on board, and that’s so refreshing. The people you meet here, the adventures you encounter...there’s no place like New York.

That not only translates to ideas, but also to my fashion sense. On a recent blog post I told about outfit roles. Well, in this occasion I just felt like I was Jenny from the Block, so I tried to think what I would wear if I were singing ‘All I Have’ with Ll Cool JJ. Here’s the result. Also a good combo between Matrix and Clueless, but more badass.

Hope you like it, I love it.

TCB xx


Topshop Jumpsuit
Track Sole Leather Boots
Pink Beanie
Uterque Handbag (old)

Kinky Boots

Photo 15-10-2017, 13 57 11.jpg

Ever since I watched Kinky Boots at the theatre in The West End, I’ve been wanting some red boots in my wardrobe. Lucky me, that’s what the industry has been craving for too, so I had plenty of options where to choose from.

Velvet, suede, leather, satin…what’s your fave? Aside from being pocket size, I personally think my legs are quite sporty, which means the tighter the boots the better! So, I finally succumbed to the sock trend…and I must say, I am loving the results.

These boots went for a walk throughout the city over the weekend, and I must admit that wherever they went, they were a killer. I know it’s quite a statement to wear these, but you’ll feel like a different character wearing them. I certainly did. And when in doubt, dance it out!

TCB xx

Photo 15-10-2017, 13 57 47 (1).jpg
Photo 15-10-2017, 14 07 51.jpg
Photo 15-10-2017, 14 08 14.jpg


ZARA Sock Boots (sold out, similar below)
Mango LBD (old, similar below)
Gucci Dyonisus Bag
Chanel Jewelry
Maria Pascual Jewelry



People don't like to talk about things that make them sad. I am the first one to admit it. You'll catch me in very little moments where I am not switched on 100%, like a fairy flying from one place to the other. 

Everybody is entitled to feel anxious, scared, sad, upset. We live in a world where fitting in is difficult, specially since all we do these days works around social recognition/ feeling accepted, even if that means not being yourself to achieve it. 

Don't let what others say ruin your day. As William Wallace once said (yes, this is BRAVEHEART OK!): Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it. Feeling like saying I love you to someone? Do it. Don't be scared. Feeling like crying cause something has gone wrong? Let it all out. You Only Live Once, my friend. Better Live It Fully. 

TCB xx

P.S: Yes, I am being very dramatic (my period is coming) but wearing this Patriot look made me think of Braveheart and all of a sudden those inspirational quotes came to mind. So yes, LOVE Y'ALL!!


Sunday Postcards from Brick Lane

Have I ever told you I LOVE bagels?


Kimono Lovers ロンドンで


Better to wash an old kimono than to get a new one

Japanese Proverb

Photography by Rosalind Alcazar

STREET STYLED with Vintage Items & Oldies from my closet, but you can get something similar from the selection below!

A Date In Primrose Hill

Everybody knows Shoreditch, Hackney and London Fields as the perfect summer hangout, but about Primrose Hill? Definitely one of my favorite daytime areas to wonder around, specially over summer! 

Primrose Hill is rather residential when compared to East London, but its vibe is still pretty damn cool. People are more posh here, but they tend to have a relaxed attitude about it. Streets are cleaner and pretty, fulled with designer shops, antique boutiques and organic food shops, cafes and restaurants.

If you ask me, a perfect day in North London starts by strolling down Regent's Street Rd, from Chalk Farm Station down to Regent's Park back entrance. Of course, parading around Primrose Hill to take in the breathtaking views of the city is mandatory. 

I love starting my day by having a coffee at The Little One Coffee shop. It's a tiny place, almost unnoticeable, but their stuff is fantastic. You know I love my coffee and, I am telling you, this is a TCB Certified Good-To-Go place. Also, they have the most amazing snacks to go with my coffee: Pastel de Nata (MY FAAAAVE!) and Bolinha de Queijo, which basically means puffed cheese balls. YUM?

After your coffee fix is sorted, you can relax and pamper yourself at Cowshed Spa, literally within seconds distance, or continue strolling down the road. I love grocery shopping here, they have lots fresh produce. Fresh crispy bread and great cakes at Sweet Things or Primrose Hill Bakery or a bit of everything from Shepherd's Food. I particularly like this place because they always showcasing new businesses and new products in their front door. In fact, that's how I met Une Normande a Londres, which now sells all sorts of cheeses and cured meats (Hello, saucisson sec? OBSESSED!) in Borough Market.

Now you've got food, what else? Grab a book at Primrose Hill Books or the newspaper at the local newsagent and head to the park! If it's a lovely day, you can stay there for hours, take in the sun and enjoy the view, probably the best to see the London skyline. 

Of course if sitting on the grass is not really your thing, you can people-watch at The Queen's while sipping a drink and then move on to Lemonia for a deliciously cooked Greek Meal. Afterwards you'll want to walk down your meal, trust me. 

Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes (that can be a nice pair of heels, surely?), but don't forget: comfortable do not mean dressing down, just dressing accordingly; and always, ALWAYS, in style. 

TCB xx


Business Turns Fashion

Photography by  Michael LP

Photography by Michael LP

Despite the terrible weather in Paris and the fact that I had to work while going to PFW, I tried to live things up with my outfits. I think I've mentioned to you numerous times that there's no need to dress boring just because you have an office-based job, and here the evidence!

Ok, probably the fishnet tights are a bit much for those who do not work in fashion. Back in the day in Spain, wearing fishnet tights was related to being kinky, to say the least. But I guess I am quite kinky, so why the hell not? After all, I was working remotely, so I could care less.

TCB xx