Kinky Boots

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Ever since I watched Kinky Boots at the theatre in The West End, I’ve been wanting some red boots in my wardrobe. Lucky me, that’s what the industry has been craving for too, so I had plenty of options where to choose from.

Velvet, suede, leather, satin…what’s your fave? Aside from being pocket size, I personally think my legs are quite sporty, which means the tighter the boots the better! So, I finally succumbed to the sock trend…and I must say, I am loving the results.

These boots went for a walk throughout the city over the weekend, and I must admit that wherever they went, they were a killer. I know it’s quite a statement to wear these, but you’ll feel like a different character wearing them. I certainly did. And when in doubt, dance it out!

TCB xx

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