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Spring (or rather Summer?) has arrived to London. And that tiny little good girl inside of me had the urge to come out to blossom, specially since it was Chelsea Flower Market recently, on top of my 30th birthday celebrations.

So here we are, another year, another pink dress. Same glasses (Taylor Morris, forever!) and lots of gold. More food, new flowers. Mad celebrations, great company. 

Am I making sense? Don't intend to. 




&Other Stories Blush Pink Dress and mini bag
Taylor Morris sunnies
ZARA Gold Sandals (oldie, similar here)
Maria Pascual (what else!) Jewelry

Addiction Withdrawal

Photography by JJ Smith

Photography by JJ Smith

Balancing social life and work life has been a struggle over the last couple of months, I must admit. And if there is something I crave after a night out or extreme tiredness is junk food. What can I say, my body just needs it.  Quite funny considering that’s the last thing you should have.

According to some healthcare practitioners (see here if you don’t believe me!), the best cure for a bad hangover is good/ green/ healthy food. SAY WHAAAAAT? Yep, having broccoli and green juice followed by lots of fruits, for example, is what your body needs to replenish what you’ve emptied the night before, while you were softly poisoning it to ridiculous levels. Let’s not go into details about my latest nights or I will never finish this post, ha!

In any case, what I wanted to point out with all this is that I am a sucker for junk food, and this would be the perfect excuse to pay a visit to all those hated locations that nobody seems to go (but they secretly, you do, you really do).

On one of those days, I also managed to get JJ to come with me and reproduce my love for the 90s and all the colourful signs from my beloved McD. Turns out there’s a drive thru not far from my house, and that’s a top-notch location for a shoot, isn’t?

In any case, here’s my take on LA’s Disney House, in London.

If you are in need of other “healthier” or let’s say “cooler” options than McD, so that you feel better about going there, I’d suggest the following, by order of preference:

  1. Lucky Chip in Dalston (conveniently placed 10min walk from my house…danger!) is a cool and hip diner, serving the naughtiest burgers in a very nice ambiance. The place is tiny and they serve their menu on an old-school VHS. SOLD!
  2. Honest Burgers in Brixton Market (amongst others) offers the biggest portions I’ve encountered in London so far, with a great quality-price.
  3. Five Guys in Angel (amongst others) for their milkshakes and yummy buns. However I don’t like they serve it without plates or anything other than foil paper, really. A bit messy to my taste? Yummy regardless.
  4. Byron Burger in Coven Garden (amongst others) is a staple since a moved to London and always a winner while in the city centre.