Outfit Roles


Good Morning Careless readers! 

As I write you from my London home with my tights on in the middle of August (that is British Summer, FYI), I look back with nostalgia at the pictures I took few weeks ago with JJ Smith in King's Cross. How can the weather change so drastically? I must be becoming very English, cause that's all I think about lately. 

In any case, if you've been following my online stories, you've probably noticed I love to play out a role for every outfit I wear, or what I call #OutfitRole. Consciously or not, there's always a character or an idea in mind when we dress up, and I love to play along with it as much as I can. So far I've already been a Power Ranger, a ninja, Christina Aguilar and Scully from X-files. I wonder what the future holds? The look you see below it's one of my favourites from my NY shopping and it totally calls out an urban Venetian Boater. Or do you see something else? Press PLAY!

Stay tuned,

TCB xx