Heat don't leave me


Summer seriously IS the best season of the year. There's no need to carry a thousand layers to keep warm and you can grab an ice cream anytime, anywhere. What else would a girl want?

It's been difficult to process how amazing the weather in the city has been this year. Out of my 4 years living in London, the so-called 'Indian Summer' has never last this long. Now I just hope it stays forever. 

To be able to dress like I were home, eat like I were home (if not better...let's not forget London has a paramount of foodie options), and even swim like I were home (hello, London Fields Lido) is the best feeling ever. And it's a feeling I don't want to let go, just yet. 

You know any occasion is a good occasion to dress up, especially in my world. My profound love for gingham, colourful outfits and starts doesn’t seem to cease and so I thought, major dress for a casual walk by the South Bank? Sure!

I must admit I haven’t been able to be the shopping queen I usually am. This year travel has imposed its ruling over anything else, and I am totally swayed by it. Not that I am complaining, I am sailing on a boat in Montenegro as you read this…but it just means that my shopping has become much more restrained, only focusing on this that I reaaally, really like. If there is a shop I always visit when I go home, that’s Uterque. The winner of this season’s wardrobe, and probably the A/W, too. I’ve already scored few pieces from the new collection on my last visit home! Don’t miss out, it’s a BANG!