Cherry Funk

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Autumn is here, and despite what everybody says, I quite like it. There’s fall leaves everywhere (have you walk through a park yet? SO FUN!), lots of pumpkin and chestnut dishes and warm cider is starting to make its appearances. YIKES! Not to mention those cosy nights at the pub…C’mon guys, what’s not to like?

As I was touring the streets of West London over the weekend (which seems so far now that I live in Dalston), we passed through Kynance Mews and couldn’t help but take some nice pictures there. I envy (and pitty) the people who live in such beautiful places, do you think they get annoyed by the amount of people standing at their door taking photos? I wonder.

I am enjoying taking on more relaxed looks lately. Less high heels and more kitten heels, jeans and a comfy shirt. Always Frida Nipple, though. That does not change.

In any case, walking around these clean white streets reminded me how pretty this side of the city is. I miss it sometimes.

TCB xx

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