Where's your butler?


Those who know me well, know that I am not thaaat much of a lush person. However, I do love my deluxe moments, from time to time. My two objectives in life is to get a chauffeur and a personal cook, after all. DREAM BIG?

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I moved to London. It seems it was yesterday when I packed my bags and move to the city of lust. But here I am, writing you for the first time this year, to talk about one of my first big checks of the year: THE RITZ. 

I particularly do not think I will be going there on a regular basis, because (a) it's too far from my hood and (b) it doesn't feel like something you would do on a your average day. Having said that, our experience was a delight. 

The Ritz, the epitome of of luxury, does not fail to disappoint. We dressed up for the occasion, of course; but so did everybody there, including the waiters. Dress to impress, they say! We certainly felt like ladies.

Customer service was excellent and so was each one of our afternoon tea treats. 6 different finger sandwiches and a mouthwatering selection of sweets, both refilled as you indulge them definitely made us feel like princess piggies. Empowered princess piggies, though. 

After catching up and gossiping all afternoon, we finished up by a walk around New Bond St, thinking about what will the next guilty pleasure in our closet. 

Definitely a day to remember, 

TCB xx


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