La Mode à Paris

Photography  Michael IP

Photography Michael IP

If there is something I would highlight about my first experience at Paris Fashion Week is that they these people take things very seriously. They don't fool around, they don't over seat, and they certainly know how to be big ballers. I mean, no wonder that anybody who is somebody gets here! The city certainly inspires fashion, and there's plenty of choice to get inspired by, too. But I'll get back to you on that on another post.

An interesting thing to witness during PFW was the amount of photographers on site. Between celebrities and streetstyle photographers seeking to snap them, certain shows were absolute madness. Monkey Business on its pure state. Not to mention the weather did not helped to the situation. It has literally rained everyday I've been here! And as much asmuch as I am used to the shitty weather, I was hoping for some sun...Paris is beautiful (I love you!) but it is no fun to walk around on your pristine outfit to literally get soaked as you walk out of the door. And YES, I know...very #firstworldproblems

Lastly, did anybody notice Paris is like being in NY at the moment? Pretty sweet though, cause I bloody love Americans. I just thought it was peculiar.

All in all, it's been quite intense over here. Once again, lots to do and very little hours to spare, but I'd do it again! Probably more days, more shows, a bigger caché and less work on the side! We can all dream, right?

TCB xx



ASOS Trench Coat (old)
Daivor SS17 Cotton Tee
Mango White Coated Jeans
DVF Stilettos
Launer London Judi Bag