UFOs & Snoopy

Photography by  Roz Alcazar

Photography by Roz Alcazar

Some feared this trend dialing up but to be honest, I am loving it. Bring on the fluor!

Whether it’s in my clothes or in flashing lights, I love neon. And in a city like London, where grey reigns your everyday life, you need some color to jazz things up. Why not make that color fluor?

I agree not all colors would be flattering in this instance, but a yellow or a green neon #OOTD can look pretty badass, if you choose right.

On my last trip home to Barcelona, I had a mum-daughter shopping day (our favorite kind of day) and we’ve encountered many high street shops rocking those colors. So we caved in. And here’s the result! Mix and match and you’ll be the queen of street fashion. And yes, I have a snoopy bag.



Stradivarius Yellow Jumper and Beanie
ZARA Kids Peanuts Handbag
Mango Lillac Straight Jeans
Gucci Spike Sneakers

Sakura Baby

Photography By Rozalind Alcazar

Photography By Rozalind Alcazar

Don’t ask me why, but this recent purchase from Stradivarius (yep, you heard right!) is a total winner. I am talking about THE red pants. Yes, a bit kinky some may say, but hey, why not? Every time I’ve worn these jeans, magic happened. No kidding, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Even when we were doing the shoot!

While I will leave the details of what magic entails to your imagination, I wanted to share with you a cheap and cheerful outfit that will work wanders wherever you go. Here it is: take a simple but pretty lace top and some rocky pants. Add a tuxedo blazer and some biker boots and OFF YOU GO! I’ve rolled my blazer sleeves by accident (too hot) the first time I was wearing it and realized that worked quite nicely so decided to keep it that way.

What a better outfit for an evening in the city? Now that spring is coming and flowers are blossoming I would endure some risqué outfits. After all, improper is what we like the most.

TCB xx