SHOES: Miista-aholic

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For those of you who do not know me (yet), you need to know that I am addicted to shoes!After a drunken bet my dearest boyfriend made me count all of my shoes and I couldn't believe how many I had. OOPS! 

Bearing that in mind, I want to share with you some of my latest acquisitions and what seems to be a great shoe investment to me. I am talking about Miista. 

Miista is a footwear brand based in Hackney, London. However, they produce the shoes in Spain, where leather goods are of excellent quality. 

I randomly discovered the brand thanks to one of their distributors in Spain, Imaginacio Badalona. They introduced me to the world of Miista a while ago and i was hooked.

If there is one thing to say about Miista shoes, it is that they will not go unnoticed. Funky, unique, comfortable. That is what Miista is all about and that's why I've been so addicted to them lately! 

Their team is very helpful everytime you need anything (great customer service guys) and they even interviewed me not so long ago on their website thanks to my IG account (thank you guys!).

In conclusion, are you in need of shoes? Or let's rephrase it. Do you WANT a new pair of shoes? Well,  now you know where to find some! 

TCB x 


photo 1
photo 1

At LFW wearing: Bimba & Lola dress (A/W 14), Miista Zoe Flip Paint, Zara Coat (A/W 14), House of Holland shades (oldies), and vintage bag

photo 2
photo 2

At Vogue Festival wearing: Pedro Del Hierro dress (oldie), Miista Isabella, Zara Coat (A/W 14), Ray Ban shades, and Topshop bag


At Kew Gardens wearing: H&M Trend Dress (available in stores) and Miista Dee Silver