Featured Feed: Maria Pascual


Hi there Careless readers, I've got a new story for you! About this time last year I stepped into one of the most amazing up and coming jewellers in Barcelona.  I am talking about Maria Pascualof course!

Born in Barcelona, this babe travels to India twice a year to find inspiration for her new collections. She just launched her online website with her newest collection Urban Jungle, available on her site since last week (and she ships worlwide guys!)

"Her babies", as she calls the little creatures she has given life in gold plated necklaces (a lion,  a tiger, an elephant and a giraffe), are a must for any girl's closet, and so is the shark tooth, one of my favourites.

Actually, everything about her it is pretty impressive. And that is why I wanted to give her a mention in this post. She took some time to talk to us about her creations!


Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you? I'm from Barcelona, in Spain, but I lived in the UK for the past 5 years. London is my second home. Oh, and I turned 26 few weeks ago!

When was “Maria Pascual” the brand born? Did you always want to be a jeweller?  The brand was born one year ago. I have always designed jewels but more as a hobby. I never thought I could make my passion a way of living! And now I do.

We’ve heard you travel to india to get inspiration for your collections. Why India? In my first collections I used semi-precious stones in almost all my designs, some of the best quality ones come from India. Last May, when I decided to work for myself and start this little business I thought the best place to get inspired and get good quality materials was from India. I had already visited India before, when I travelled for two months in 2012, and this country fascinates me!

How do you get inspired? What’s your new collection Urban Jungle about? My main inspiration comes from my travel experiences. Research is also what I love doing on my free time. I love reading about trends, fashion and what will come next. This urban jungle collection is wild, fun and powerful. For today's urban women. I like to provide to my customers minimal but elegant jewels to wear everyday.

We also love that your collections are all about gold. Is that on purpose? Why? I have been working with gold plate for about three years now. I read about gold being a new trend and knew that it was something that was going to stay, I've been true to my belief ever since. Hasn't been that easy! But this S/S 2014 is full of gold and I love it!

Do you think social media helped you become more successful? Yes, I believe in social media, and I think it's a great tool for little new business like mine to be out there and reach people from any part of the world. Sharing my designing process, new inspirations, fashion markets, designs ... Helps me to be closer to my clients as they know all my steps and the process the jewels they wear have been through. I also LOVE when they share pictures of my jewels on their personal IG and Facebook. It's truely rewarding.

You promote your brand through fashion markets in town. Have you ever wondered about having your own store? Right now its not my priority. I don't want to feel I'm stuck in one place, I´d rather have a good online shop where anyone from anywhere can see my jewels & more :)

What’s next? What are your future plans? Next? I would LOVE to expand the local business and go to international fashion markets! But above all, keep enjoying every moment as it comes.


Maria Pascual @Gallery Market (A/W 14 Collection)

Gold Regular and Midi Rings (A/W 14 Collections)


Maria Pascual with her Winter collection

Urban Jungle (S/S 14 Collection)

Urban Jungle Babies (from left to right: elephant, tiger, lion and shark tooth, all in gold plated)

Urban jungle bangles (S/S 14 Collection)