THE Collaboration: Supreme x LV

It finally arrived. We waited for long, but it's finally here. Supreme x Louis Vuitton is up for grabs.

Only few had been able to grab some of these goodies, while the rest of humans wait or pay extortionate amounts through re-sale sites like ebay. And taking into account the face value of the most-coveted Supreme tee was €390, you can expect how much it will be as a re-sale.

For those who are unaware of what I am talking about (how could you?!)...Supreme is a NY brand aimed at skater peeps, however it has quickly escalated to be one of the most demanded brands in the fashion industry. Anybody who's somebody has THE supreme logo t-shirt. And if you disagree, then you just can't get it or can't afford it, my friend. As for Louis Vuitton...well, I don't think that an explanation? If you do, then you are probably at the wrong page.

Now imagine a combination of the two brands together. High end + the cool kid in town = KA-CHING! The LVMH Group has increased its sales thanks to the collab, which is only re-stocking in three of its flagship stores in Japan.

Items from the collaboration include everything from baseball jackets and parkas to denim outerwear, baseball jerseys, PJs, tees, jeans, track pants, and a tone of accessories, also including homeware such as blankets, pillows and more. Cause, who wouldn't have that?

In any case, if you are one of the lottery winners, I am slightly jeals. For the rest of mortals, see below some of my favorite pieces from the collection.

TCB xx