TREND ALERT: Tartan, Stars and Sequin


OH JEEZ. It’s been a whole year since we last talk about shopping. Can you believe it? Between work, travel, and the new boy in my life, I must have passed by my fashion updates a little. Worry not, like a Christmas Miracle, TCB is back with her #musthave favorites. Just in time for the winter shopping season.

You must have notices that a lot of my outfits have few things in common, or that there are certain patterns that I absolutely adore.


They don’t have to go together (though I’d like to see how that would pan out?) but these three patterns and fabrics are definitely my all time favorites. Lucky me, they are also IN SEASON.



Remember clueless?

LUXURY EDIT, for those fancy-goers


STREET FINDS, a more approachable fashion.



Let’s go Disco!

SEQUINS, Cause why not party like a queen? I dislike the idea that you can only wear sequins when you are on a night out. Mix and match and you’ll succeed in any occasion. Fabulous day and night, please!



To the moon and back

Call my a romantic, but I love a good night in the desert (or up in the mountains) falling asleep watching the stars. Also, I am a little obsessed with the moon. I am a firm believer that it can affect your behavior/ mood!

Given all of this, I guess it comes as no surprise that stars will feature a lot in my outfits! That and the fact that it resembles the American flag, and anything American related I love. TA-DAAH!

Featured Feed: Sarah's Bags


OUTRAGEOUS OUTERWEAR, my favorite kind. 

It's been a while since TCB has spoken about new talents, but this one is worth lots. Sarah Beydoun, the brain behind Sarah's Bag is a Lebanese gem. 

Dynamic, energetic and passionate about beauty and art, she decided to create her business after working at an NGO that rehabilitates women at risk and female ex-prisoners. And what's best, she employed the women she met there. 

Launching Sarah's bag in 2000, she brought to live hip, luxurious and hand crafted statement pieces that are always fun and playful. Her collections vary each season, but there's certainly boldness in all of them. From discoteque to tropicana or retail therapy vibes (one of our favorites along with the retro videocassetes), you'll find a variety of options.

Sarah's idea is to explore new materials and techniques with each collection, using embroidery, sequins, crochet and fabric manipulation, which makes her bags unique. It takes up to 25 hours to work on a single piece!

Definitely one-of-a-kind. Don't you think?

TCB xx

final 3 walkman.jpg

Christmas Shopping You Shall


In need of Christmas shopping? I’ve got you sorted in one word: Debenhams!

I’ve never been a fan of department stores (ok, Selfridges MIGHT be an exception) BUT I must say I’ve pleasantly surprised this time around. Debenhams is the perfect fit for all your shopping needs. Soo many secret Santa options on the beauty hall or the dedicated Christmas section on the LG floor. My favorite was definitely the Baylis & Hardling #treatyoself alley, or the amazing beauty advent calendars from Clarins, Beauty Box or L'occitane. I may have bought more than a few...oops!


Need presents for kids? Worry not. On the first floor you’ll find a Mr Men & Miss Little stand personalizing all sort of items for the little (and not so little) ones! If that does not convince you, there's the Sweet Shop right next to it.

I am not one to buy for men’s these days (all treats go to moi!) but my male friends tell me you can find great clothing here too.

So, what are you waiting for? Shopping #YouShall, and Debenhams has you covered. Also, have I mentioned is affordable for most budgets? Winning Bells.

TCB xx

Is Winter Coming? Seasonal Must-Haves

As the new season walks upon us, there are certain trends that you'll be seeing everywhere you go...

Here some hints at what to expect for the next season (and what should you be investing on!)






THE Collaboration: Supreme x LV

It finally arrived. We waited for long, but it's finally here. Supreme x Louis Vuitton is up for grabs.

Only few had been able to grab some of these goodies, while the rest of humans wait or pay extortionate amounts through re-sale sites like ebay. And taking into account the face value of the most-coveted Supreme tee was €390, you can expect how much it will be as a re-sale.

For those who are unaware of what I am talking about (how could you?!)...Supreme is a NY brand aimed at skater peeps, however it has quickly escalated to be one of the most demanded brands in the fashion industry. Anybody who's somebody has THE supreme logo t-shirt. And if you disagree, then you just can't get it or can't afford it, my friend. As for Louis Vuitton...well, I don't think that an explanation? If you do, then you are probably at the wrong page.

Now imagine a combination of the two brands together. High end + the cool kid in town = KA-CHING! The LVMH Group has increased its sales thanks to the collab, which is only re-stocking in three of its flagship stores in Japan.

Items from the collaboration include everything from baseball jackets and parkas to denim outerwear, baseball jerseys, PJs, tees, jeans, track pants, and a tone of accessories, also including homeware such as blankets, pillows and more. Cause, who wouldn't have that?

In any case, if you are one of the lottery winners, I am slightly jeals. For the rest of mortals, see below some of my favorite pieces from the collection.

TCB xx

Vintage Addiction à Paris

Paris is such a great source of fashion inspiration, at least if 'chic' is what you are after. After attending few of the PFW shows I entered into a roller-coaster of emotions and my crazy self started wondering whether I had enough outfits to wear for the next shows. AS IF! Of course I did, but I told myself I didn't. Hence, I had to go shopping...

If there is something I love about Paris shopping is their vintage. Don't get me wrong, there's a paramount of shops where to buy new and delicate clothing, very chic and on trend, but I am a vintage lover, and the quality-price you get in Paris, you get nowhere else. And I thought you needed to know! 

  • If big names such as Chanel, Saint Laurent or Givenchy is what you are after, then Thank God I'm a VIP near Republique will be your sanctuary. I stopped there on my lunch break the other day and I had difficulties to leave. There's so much stuff, and all items are SO DAMN GOOD. I finally compromised on a cutie little cashmere cardigan from Chanel that I ended up wearing for the Masha Ma show! It was a blast.

Another area to do great vintage shopping is Le Marais (my favourite!). Here you can find maaaany options, but I would probably highlight the following:

  • Tilt Vintage, for a more chilled and upscale experience. Here you'll find a great range of sportswear and outerwear, among other things. The shearling jacket I am wearing is from them!
  • Free'p'Star, an old time classic, is a bit more chaotic. However, you could find real bargains and super cute dresses.
  • Vintage Desir, in an old Coiffeur shop, is for dapper looks (including lots of hats)

If you are out and about in the city of love, you should definitely check them out. 

TCB xx



Tilt Vintage Shearling Leather Jacket
Thank God I'm a Vip Chanel Cashmere Cardigan
H&M Jeans (old)
ZARA Mary Janes (instore only)
Gucci Dyonisus Bag
Ray-Ban Gold Frame Round Glasses
PDPaola Jewelry

SS17, Re-New Wardrobe?

New Year, New Season. Looking for a wardrobe renewal always put me in a great place, and after a lot of research on what’s coming next (which these days is more likely to be “what are we bringing back”), I’ve chosen 4 themes that I am going to be embracing this new term, and so should you.

The Gingham Club

Part of this Fun Club since the 90s, gingham is back on for another’s season play. And I wouldn’t limit this to gingham only, really. Over winter, Prince of Wales and other checked fabrics are seen in a lot of power suits and blazers; over summer, gingham is probably the winner, so we’ve got pattern for days!

Pretty in Pink

Oh là là, as if this is something new in my life. And if it is in yours, seriously, what happened? Pink is so much fun, and it doesn’t matter whether you are blonde or brunette, I personally think is a colour that suits everybody (though you’ll probably look more Barbie if you are blonde, tbh).

EMBRACE THE COLOUR LIFE! It is certified that wearing colourful clothes (or using color in any sense) makes people powerful, courageous, with a more positive attitude towards life, so surely that’s enough reason to try it?

Statement Sleeves

Probably the biggest trend in 2017, the statement sleeves have appeared in most of the SS17 catwalks across Milano, Paris, New York and London.

Flared, ruffled, embellished or overly long, the options are endless. But I suggest you take your inner Shakespeare for a dramatic day out in the city and break the monotony of boring everyday work clothes! You know I always say there’s no need to dress boring just because you because you are a business woman…

Over-the-top Jewellery

Basically, we are pulling off a Samantha here. Remember those flashy Chanel earrings she rocked up for lunch? Or every single piece of jewellery she wore on the SATC The Movie? I certainly do. I’ve always been an advocate of maximizing jewellery on your everyday outfits; whether it is a combination of jumbo colourful collars a la Iris Apfel, or plenty gold chainz as if we are coming from the hood, jewels are out for play, and I love games. 


As High Snobiety once called it, grungewave (rock'n'rolla tees) is ON. You may or may not like it, but when big retailers like UO or H&M start producing them to the big public, it means it is hot. Which could make you rethink your choices if you don´t like to follow the mainstream. Nevertheless, fact is, I like it. 

I´ve had this thing with t-shirts since I was a little kid. Wherever I would go, I needed to get a tee to remember that place. Not the "I went to NY and all I got you was this lousy t-shirt" but rather something that I liked that later on reminded me of the good times spent there. 

That also extrapolates to music tops. I love wearing t-shirts that remind me of a great concert, or a singer I look up to. But No Way Jose would I wear some t-shirt of a dude I've never listened to or I don´t know about just cause it's on trend. 

Having said that, I am enjoying very much this look. Perfect for a sunday stroll or if you want to embrace the more dark, boyish look; which you all know I am all about these days (see a great example right here!). 

If you are as big of a fan of this trend as I am, here are some of the options you can easily get:

Of course, if you want the big deal, I´d rather look up for original merchandise from your fave band or singer, or look up for customised versions of it via esty and ebay. I´ve found some real gems there. 

Stay tuned, 

TCB xx

Anya's Service Station

Hey there, fashion lovers! Fancy washing up your car in style? You may not be able to do so at Anya´s Service Station but you'll certainly score a great bag instead. 

London Fashion Week is around the corner, therefore every fashion house is playing their part to be noticeable. Anya Hindmarch, the funkiest british designer I know accessories-wise, has teamed up with Selfridges to showcase her new Diversion* Runway collection for this AW15. 

Located at the Department´s Store car park, Anya´s Pop Up recreates an M25 Service Station and presents a limited-edition collection of service station essentials such as a winkey car freshener, bumper stickers, condoms, nodding dogs (my fave) and a personalised hi-vis jacket, among her ongoing AW15 collection. All and all very exclusive, of course.

I love how Hindmarch´s designs come across as British, humurous, and personalised, as she recalls. Personally, my accessories need to have a soul, to stand out and hers certainly do that. And hey, with the return of show off fashion she´s game. 

The Service Station also has little treats for their clients, such as sweets doggie bags by Little Chef and a fantastic carwash photobooth with model mechanics in it for you to snap a picture.

The Pop Up just launched last Friday (two weeks before she presents her new SS16 collection during LFW) and will be running for four weeks only. Make sure you don´t miss it!


*FUN FACT: "Diversion" in Spanish means "fun", so if you ever see somebody laughing at one of these signs, you know why now ;) 

LFW Hangover is called FNO

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I'm afraid I'm repeating myself but OH MAN, I love this city. It's clearly paradise for shopaholics like me (which I don't know if it's a good thing or not). There are so many offers aaaall the time! Very irresistible. And specially so if Vogue decides to throw a massive party for all locals and tourists around to enjoy your shopping experience around Oxford and Regent St. And straight after LFW. I mean, how much more convinient could this be?

So what happened during Vogue's FNO ("Fashion Night Out"), you might be wondering. That, I will tell you. From champagne and macaroons to cheeky photo booths, the night was very promising. And as an organized freak that I am, I had a little cheat sheet to know where to be for the night. Needless to say this is an event that you enjoy more if you go with your friends (as I did). Girly time #modeON.

So we started our adventure around Bond St, going through South Molton Lane and Brook St. For me, the best area to stay around. Shops are nicer and customer service is excellent.

Of course our first stop was Bimba y Lola (such a cliché, considering I'm spanish). To my surprise, they decided to have a fortune teller in store! Not that I believe in these kind of things but it was fun to try. Even more if you sipping really good cava and taking pictures.

From there we moved to Aubade, a very nice lingerie shop (although a bit small in my opinion). They had the funkiest photo booth of the night, where you could pretend to be a model and get to wear their accessories in-store. Once more, while sipping champagne and eating Ladurée macarons. Classy.

As if we didn't have enough, Ted Baker had a waffle cart outside their stores, and Thomas Sabo had a pink-vibe van that was serving jewelry, fortune cookies and cupcakes. How ideal.

From there we moved to Aspinal of London. Do I have to tell you how nice their bags are? The event at their shop was magnificent, with the cutest and biggest bear and a saxofonist welcoming you into the store. The first 50 customers also got a free goodie bag, what I wasn't one of the lucky 50.

Time was going by but we weren't done. After a quick stop at Monica Vinader we head to House of Fraser to get our official Vogue Cover Shoot and a complimentary YSL goodie bag. Then off to Coast to get ourselves make-up ready for the rest of the evening and check out some cute eventful dresses. Sadly, we took much more time doing that and we ended our fashion tour in Regent St, unable to keep on going because the shops were closed!

Nevertheless, it was definitely a night I will remember.


Wearing: Calvin Klein Jumper (available here), Pull&Bear Scuba Skirt (available here), Bershka Metallic Sneakers (available here), Zara Embroided top (old) and Zara metallic Clutch (old, similar here).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset