Sequin Weekend and the East End Markets


Isn't funny how people who have lived east for more than 5 years need to get out of the it cause "I've seen it all, I've tried it all and I'm just fed up with the new hipster bar around the corner" kind of thing? Well, that certainly doesn't apply to me! I live in the opposite side of the City (that is West, in Fulham), which means every time I get to hang out on the east side of London is more like an adventure, great fun indeed.

The West is quieter, more relaxing, probably wealthier and possibly more posh, as some would say. But to me it's nice living to in chill-aching place like that!  So much green as well.

On the contrary, East London is buzzing all the time. Sometimes to the point you become restless just because there's so much to do and so many places to be all the time! Oh dear, should I reconsider?

In any case, what I wanted to tell you for few weeks but because of work overload I couldn't is that I went to for a stroll and popped into few markets on the East End that you should definitely check out if you are out and about in town on saturday.

All based in Hackney, Broadway Market and Netil Market are a culinary hot spot, lots of varieties food-wise, but also, lots of quality vintage clothing stalls.  From my point of view, the latter of the two markets is nicer as it still has that original vibe of a street market. Their location is tiny but the space is very well used. There's even a barber shop in there! But my my fav stall of all has to be BAO London, a pop-up bar called  which serves Hirata Buns (£3.50 for one). OH, THEY ARE GOOD.

As for the big boy that is Broadway Market, well, what can I say that you don't know... I suppose I can enhance the fact that it is indeed a great place for foodies. You can literally get anything you want! It's like grocery shopping, but better. Whether it is organic meat, fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, delicious bread, cakes and cheese...anything you fancy is on the go! I particularly loved one little stall run by Coco&Me that served all sorts of heart-shaped cakes and chocolate truffles to die for.

In any case, if food is not your thing you can also look for great finds on the vintage clothes racks (as I did, oops!). But if you can't be bothered with neither of those or even to be walking around all day, don't worry. There's also lots of places for you to chill with a coffee (or a Bloody Mary) while reading a book and listening to some live music.

Oh, and have I mentioned that the area is full of street art and that Regent's Canal is few minutes away? What a lovely weekend ahead!


Wearing H&M Sequined Lips T-shirt (available in store), Topshop Blazer (available here), ZARA jacquard trousers (old) and River Island cut-out boots (similar here)

Jewellery: Marc Jacobs Gold Logo Cuff Bangle (sold out), H&M necklace and H&M Lips T-shirt (available here and here)