The North Series: Crouch End

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Crouch End
Day Tour

What to do and not to do in this northern part of the city

I’ve been told Crouch End has never really been a destination, but if you happen to stumble upon that direction, you sure can have an awesome day out!

Get rid of that terrible Saturday hangover by feeding your palate at Beam. Great for brunch lovers, with plenty food choice, from shakshuka to the traditional eggs benedict or avo toast, and delicious freshly made juices, coffee and teas.

If you need home deco, then you’ve reached a great area. We’ve managed to score a couple of great gems in the area: Junk N8 Disorderly for fabulous vintage/ antique furniture and Jealous Gallery and Print Studio for very funky art.


One of the things that we liked about this neighborhood was just walking around discovering new little shops or stopping by to admire quirky things like the clock tower in Crouch End’s main road. There’s plenty of little cafes and bakeries, but Dunn’s is renowned in the area as it’s been providing fellow citizens with bakery since almost 200 years ago! Legends.

Another little shop close to our heart is Soup Dragon’s Toy shop. Family run, offers great and unique pieces for kids. A perfecto stopover if you are heading to some family event and don’t want to come empty handed.

As the ease into the evening, it’s time to relax. Book yourself into a Fierce Grace session (closest one is in Muswell Hill) to unwind all the week stress and finish your night trekking to Alexandra Palace (‘Ally Pally’) for a rewarding post-hot-yoga beer whilst seeing the sun go.

What a wonderful day that was!

TCB xx

J'adior Pret-a-PorTEA


J’adior my friends

and Pret-a-Portea.

The hottest and most awaited exhibition of 2019 (at least for the fashionistas out there) has opened at the V&A. Yup, that’s Christian Dior, designer of Dreams.

Tickets for the exhibition were almost sold out (if not completely, by the time you read this), and as the city surrenders to all things Dior, we decided to embark ourselves in an afternoon of tea, coffee, friends, fashion and Dior, a lot of Dior.

As we arrived to The Berkeley Hotel, known for its fashion ‘Pret-a-Portea’, we instantly felt we were entering a princess’ dream. Name tags and Dior sketches were all over our table, and we were greeted with Dior-themed lattes. Fantasy level was ON.

As expected, as any good afternoon tea goes, the procession of food started and MY OH MY, it was delicioso. Plentiful of tea sandwiches (I believe up to 6 different flavours) and a few savoury treats preceded what we were all wanting: the Dior cakewalk. A collection of cakes and fancies from Dior’s most iconic pieces. It was so beautiful we couldn’t contain our excitement. OK, the coffee, the champagne and the company may have helped.

But in any case, if you are out and about in the city, this afternoon tea is one of a kind adventure, on that you shouldn’t miss. It’s a bit on the pricey side (£60 or £70 per person, depending on whether you want bubbles or not), but it is most certainly worth it.

As Mr Dior himself would say: “Don't buy much but make sure that what you buy is good.” 

TCB xx

Mad Hatter Meetings


Breakfast at Sketch


It’s 8 o’clock on a Monday Morning, and Patricia and I have decided to kick start our week with a banging breakfast at one of London’s Iconic venues: Sketch.

It is rather unusual for us to wake up this early (we are Spanish, after all) but business calls and we like to confuse people, so why not breaking the routine and go for a fantastic banquet?

Sketch has always been one of my favorite spots in Central London. Tucked away off crazy Regent Street, this gems is to me where fashion meets art and meets food. And here I’ll tell you why.

Views from The Parlour for Breakfast

Views from The Parlour for Breakfast

For starters, the decor is super. It’s like you are visiting an art-gallery inside of several restaurants, bars and a hip egg-shaped toilets.

Sketch consists of the Lecture Room & Library, the Gallery, the Glade, the Parlour, and the East Bar. Personally, I find it very difficult to choose a favorite room. Each one of them has a very different style and that style makes it shine on its own. I love the pink life at The Gallery and the fresh cones with tea are a killer, but then again the Glade and its whimsical yet dark forest style and food are also damn good.

The East Bar is more intimate and dark, probably great for a date and the parlour works fabulously if you want to catch up with friends while offloading yourself from shopping.

Each single detail at each one of the rooms has been thought after, from the waiter outfits down to the cutlery.

Now the food. The food is another level.

At the Lecture Room you can enjoy a Michelin-rated menu (still yet to try) whereas at the Parlour you can enjoy a casual breakfast and all-day menu. The Gallery and the Glade offer high-tea and lunch, respectively.

For the occasion, we dine at The parlour. Tea, coffees and juice were running through the table as we frantically discussed our weekend and the wide selection of eggs (hello tempura scotch egg, I’m looking at you) certainly made our day. Not to mention the pancakes, YUM.

We’ve also had the chance to go for tea at The Gallery (read our review here) and we could not recommend it enought. It will leave you wanting to come back for more tea and scones, the latter are fresh and to die for.

Jewelry from Thomas Sabo    Paradise Collection   ; China from    David Shirgley

Jewelry from Thomas Sabo Paradise Collection; China from David Shirgley

Finally, the toilets. It’s funny to think that somebody would go to a restaurant just to check out the toilets. But believe it or not, this is what happens. And understandably so. I’ve never encountered such thing, and you should see it with your own eyes. Unisex egg-shaped toilets (with a forest soundtrack whilst you go do your thing, in case you need help), with fish-eye mirrors and bonker lighting. It’s like I’m in Alice in Wonderland all over again. How wonderful.

TCB xx


Laura wore:
Uterque Pink Feather Top
Tommy Hilfiger Houndstooth Skirt
J’adior Slingbacks
Delpozo Pink Bag
Thomas Sabo Paradise Collection

Patricia wore:
Zara AW19 Total Look
Thomas Sabo Paradise Collection

Pasta Pasta Pasta


Pasta Pasta Pasta

Bancone, the italian that will save you every time

Affordable drinks and home-made pasta in the heart of the West End. Shall I say more?

Bancone is a little gem, really. As the peeps at The Guardian described it: casually orgasmic and deeply affordable, the Italian restaurant succeeds in all marks. Drinks are cheap (a glass of vino for a fiver? I’m SOLD), food is excellent.

WHAT will you get? Pasta, pasta, pasta. If you want pizza, this is not your place. Pasta? As much as you like. The restaurant certainly specializes on delivering the best fresh pasta but also has incredible antipasti. If you ask us, you should definitely try the panelle with smoke duck breast, lardo & whipped anchovies and the cime di rapa (turnip tops) with garlic and chilli. Mouth is watering just reminiscing of it! As for the mains, their Beef shin ‘ossobuco’ ravioli with saffron butter is rich but incredible, and their octopus and nduja with olives is also superb.

Another thing that we really appreciated here was the service. Very attentive peeps; most servers where italian and so were the chefs, which is always a plus.

WHERE is it ? Right next to St Martin In The Fields, by Trafalgar square. More precisely, 39 William IV St, London WC2N 4DD

WHEN is it open? Great news. For once a restaurant in London serves up until 11pm! You can get there closer to the time and still manage to get all the yummy food in the menu. BOOM.

Certainly the perfect spot for pre and post-theatre food. And get this: you can book.

TCB xx

Comics & Vegans


Confetti Girls do Vegan

Meet Genesis.

Those who know me know well that I am a self-confessed meat lover. In fact, I love meat so much that I despise fish. Unless its seafood, obvs. Who would resist champagne and oysters?


Aaaanyway, my vegan gals have been trying to make me more conscious about the benefits of a healthy green diet, and given my recent stomach problems, I decided to listen more carefully. As if somebody was listening to what I was thinking, I encountered GENESIS on my Sunday stroll in Shoreditch. A 100% plant based alchemy restaurant concept specialising in fast casual dining and organic comfort food.

Fit for the millennials, this pretty in pink restaurant is trying to make the non-vegans like vegan food. And I must say, they pretty much convinced me.

For starters, they venue is very stylish. A mix between geeky comic book store and a heavy metal album cover! All very colourful, just as I like it.

The menu is vast and the portions are big, which is becoming a rarity these days. And the food is yum. Mexican tacos, super food salads and meat-free burgers are on the list, along with plenty of shakes and ice cream deserts. I almost felt in heaven! Though I did miss my meat a bit.

WHERE IS IT EXACTLY? 114 Commercial St, E1 6NU

WHEN CAN YOU GO? Wednesday to Sunday from 11.30am til 11pm :) GO GET IT!

Stay tuned, TCB xx

Most Wanted

We did it. We finally did it. We went to Elan Cafe. And this is our review.

Why go there? I’d suggest you go if you like all things pretty and perfect. They excel at their food presentation; so much, you feel sad by eating it! But it is GOOD.

What will you get? That will depend on what you want. Food is superb (though at times pricey, there’s a Blue Sapphire coffee at £15!) and so is its presentation, so that’s a goer. But you could get more than that if you are into girly pink instagrammable stuff. This place is like a mecca for it! But choose your location right, because each one has a different feature, and a timer on how much time you can spend on each table.

Where is it? Well, this girly and pretty cafe has become so popular since its inception in West London that they have now expanded to 4 cafes across the city! Bromptom Road and Hans Crescent (West), Park Lane (Central) AND inside Selfridges (mega Central).

When to go? You can get your sweet and savoury fix anytime between 7.30am and midnight. SWEEEEET! Unfortunately, you cannot book, so be prepared to cue for a bit.

Stay tune, pink lovers!

TCB xx

Photography by  Roz Alcazar

Photography by Roz Alcazar

Bella Lina


Lina Stores

Iconic Italian Deli in Soho opens its own restaurant in the city, with outdoor seats in the heart of the city

Italians have conquered another hood in the city, Soho. OK, not quite literally, but the opening of Lina Stores in Soho has definitely had an impact on my latest restaurant visits. 

The iconic delicatessen store on Brewer St has opened its own pasta and cicceti restaurant on Greek St, and its results are superb.


WHAT/ WHY SHOULD YOU GO? Because it feels truly feels like being in Italy. The restaurant decor is very hip and out of a Wes Anderson movie, and the handmade pasta is to die for.

As the Mediterraneans we are, we like ordering all of the things on the menu and share it between us. That way you get to try most things! For starters, we had the nduja con ricotta and some arancinis; and as soon as we tried these, we knew we were in for a treat. It was very difficult to choose only one pasta dish, so we went for three: the pumpkin, the ragu and the mushroom based. All three SHAMAZING. Obviously, we finished with some cannolis, cause you can’t leave without having one.

WHERE EXACTLY IS IT? 51 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4EH

WHEN SHOULD YOU GO? Any day of the week except Sundays, from 12-2.30pm for lunch and from 5 til 11pm for dinner

Hungry yet? Me too.

TCB xx

It's a Sweet Life

The craze of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but I am still hungry for more. I must admit, I am more of a savory person than a sweet tooth, but I do enjoy the occasional donut from time to time. After all, I love to indulge into nice treats! Sweets are not going to be an exception. 

Whilst in the search for the best donut in town, we found some amazing gems for your do-nut care moment. Here our top favorites to date!


Funky doughnuts have arrived to town! And these include hip names like ‘Caramacklemore’ and ‘Robertd’n’oreo’. These are probably the naughtiest doughnuts I’ve had in the city (and most expensive, sometimes close to a fiver) BUT also some of the yummiest and most filling! They also have vegan options available, which is always a plus.



They have a matcha doughnut. Shall I say more? Started as a little food stall and now is a massive franchise across several locations in town. Needless to say, these are worth every bite. My favorites (matcha aside) include creme brulee, banana chocolate, raspberry and chilli dougnuts! It will be tough for you to only choose one. Vegan options are also available :)

SHOREDITCH: Dum Dum Donutterie


Remember the craze about cronut? Well, for the guys of Dum Dums, it still means business. The first artisan baked donut/ croissant donut brand, made only with natural ingredients and yet still so delish!

BERMONDSEY: St John Bakery


Standalone bakery for the well-known restaurant under the same name, selling fresh bread and cakes every Saturday. And of course their infamous jam doughnut. Not to be missed if you are in the area! But make sure you get there early, as they will serve until stock sells out.

Have a sweet day, careless readers; stay tuned for more

TCB xx

Hakuna Matata

Happy FRIYAY foodie monsters!

Eventhough I've been back at work for a while, there's a different feel to it this week. Everybody is back at school, and I feel I have to do my homework too. 

Having a look back at where I've been for the past few months, I realized that I forgot an amazing hot spot that got me savoring my tongue for days. I am talking about IKOYI.

It is interesting to see how sometimes amazing spots go unnoticed, and I feel Ikoyi must be one of those. Despite being in the hot dinners scene for a good while, I feel it hasn't got the rave reviews/ attention it deserves. UNTIL NOW. Their service and incredible food has got them a Michelin star! The only African restaurant with a Michelin Star in London. YIKES.

We went there a few weeks ago to celebrate one of my besties birthday, and decided to treat ourselves (as we always do, ha) to a set menu. 

WHAT? Chef Chan has worked in pretty awesome restaurants in the past such as Noma and Dinner by Heston and you can see how his cooking delivers on this. At Ikoyi you’ll find elegant small plates that reminiscence of West African cuisine, all in fine-dining style. Our personal favourite was the crunchy plantain dusted in Scotch bonnet powder but the chargrilled octopus leg with spicy ndolé was also supeeeerb.

WHERE? 1 St James's Market, St. James's, London SW1Y 4AH

WHEN? Anytime for lunch (3-5pm) or dinner (5.30-11pm), except for Sundays when it's closed.

They keep on changing the menu (a plus to come back) so I wouldn’t miss on the opportunity of checking this restaurant out!

Stay tuned for more

TCB xx

Once you POP, you can't stop!


And those who have been at Pophams Bakery now it. It is right for them to claim this is not yet another bakery, because it isn't. 


Pophams, located in a residential street (next to Popham St!) in Islington, serves fresh sourdough bread (are you there yet?) and unique and delicious pastries. I have to say I have never seen such a long list of croissant specialties! Their star is the bacon & maple syrup swirl, but their newest addition, the Rosemary & Sea Salt twist, is definitely a game-changer. It's a 30 min walk from my house and I have already been there more than three times. Yes, it is THAT good. 

Place is tiny but if it is a sunny day in London, they also have outdoor seating, which is very nice and appreciated. 

WHERE IS IT AGAIN? 19 Prebend St, N1 8PF

WHEN DOES IT OPEN? 7,30-5,30 everyday!

Bon appetit!

Munchin' in Dalston


Since the new year started, I've been trying to discover more my pretty neighborhood, Dalston. I have a feeling I am always on the go checking out other areas, missing how amazing Dalston is. And it is awesome!

It is becoming a Saturday ritual to start my weekend morning by shaking off any hangover/ week stress by hitting PopFit for a calorie burn-out. I can't believe it took this long to get a fab workout spot in London Fields! Of course that also means I'm allowed to indulge as much as I can afterwards. Every effort has its rewards, right? Which brings me to my discussion today: BRUNCH! 

There's plenty of choices where it comes to eating out in East London, but I've narrowed it down to three favorites, lately. What will you get? Great food choices, good prices and that little hipster touch that we all deny we like but secretly love. 



I have to admit this little french-style spot is becoming my regular, and that is a big thing to say, given that I never repeat restaurants in London. But what can I say, if you do something good great, then the chances of me coming back are higher. 

WHAT WILL YOU GET: Brunch classics made with great fresh produce. A wide variety of croissants, toasties (our fave is the Jambon de Bayon and cheese toastie!) and plenty of avocado on toast and salads for those looking for a healthy choice. Coffee is on point and so are the fresh squeezed juices!
WHERE? 31 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BJ
WHEN? Eeeeeveryday from 8am til 6pm.



Feeling that cold chill? Yes, me too. That is why TCB loves visiting Cafe Miami! A warm cafe with plenty of color (mainly pastel) and that american diner vibe that every non-american loves. Food choices here are a bit more naughty than at L'atelier, but you are in for a treat, regardless.

Please note that the kitchen is open-space; so those who hate taking home a smelly-souvenir with them should avoid this spot.

WHAT YOU'LL GET: Tooones of toasties. You can even build your own! Anything with their Fancy bacon is a treat to your belly. We personally loved the waffle burger with chorizo and avocado, but their american pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and blueberries is also a delight for those with a sweet tooth. 
WHERE? 24 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0PD
WHEN? Tuesday-Sunday from 9-5pm



I must admit I haven't been to this cutsie little spot yet, but I am doing so as you may be reading this! I've got tones of recommendations from friends about it, and if my entourage loves it, I know I will too. 

WHAT YOU'LL GET HERE: a variety of breakfast baps served with tomato relish & rocket (yum!) along with the brunch classics and other more adventurous dishes such as smoked beef brisket w/ poached eggs or BBQ pork on corn tortillas with sriracha scrambled eggs (MY ADDICTION!)
WHERE? 203 Well St, E9 6QU
WHEN? Eveeerday Hoorraaay! From 8-4pm


TCB xx

Visit Bahrain while in London

If there is a restaurant that has surprised me over the last few months, it has to be Villa Mamas

Villa Mama's is a restaurant in a residential street in the heart of Chelsea, delivering what's possible the best (if not only) Bahraini cuisine in town. 


To be honest, you know I like trying new restaurants all the time, specially if they have a Middle Eastern touch, so this place would be no exception. What was an exception was how amazing the venue, the customer service and its food was. Villa Mama's has created a space for those who like attention to detail. An outdoor terrace for those more adventurous and a cozy dining area indoors. They also sell their own ingredients, which I find remarkable. 


Well, that's a tricky one! The whole menu cries: TRY ME, TRY ME! And no dish failed to disappoint when we were there. Of course we follow our gut (and the waiter recommendations) and we had Khubus with Za'tar followed by Kaskhe bademjoon -a so called aubergine explosion- and kofta for starters. 

As this was our first time, we went for the most national dishes as main, which included an aromatic chicken pilaf called Machbous Deyay and their own take on Mac & Cheese called Macaronat Eid Milad, which was made of traditional Bahraini macaroni & spicy minced lamb. Needless to say, everything was delish. 

As two young ladies (including myself) waited for their meal, we also indulge on the cocktail section. We really couldn't leave without trying their infamous #millenialpink cocktail, fuelled with Crystal Head vodka, Tequila Rosé, rose, pomegranate and lemon. I mean, how could you resist such thing?

WHEN SHOULD YOU GO?  Great news! Everyday from 8 til midnight! Isn't this awesome?

WHERE? 25 Elystan St, Chelsea, London SW3 3NT



The Good Egg


I thought it was about time I talked about one of my favorite brunch spots, and coinciding with its new launch in Soho (the original is in Stokey) this Friday, I needed to introduce you to The Good Egg (and not The Bad Egg). 

Think of Israeli brunch. THE DREAM, right? Now think of Middle-Eastern cuising with a NY twist. Still THE DREAM, right? Well, that's what you get at The Good Egg. Dreamy dishes and terrific service. 

I would love to share with you what we had for dinner last time I was there but unfortunately those pics disappeared with my stolen phone. However, this little think called internet managed to gave me a good vibe of its brunch menu, which is what this place is known for. 

WHY should you go there? Let's talk business. Their menu is short but precise. Food here is a delight that can be filled with bagels, za'tar fried chiken, roasted cauliflower (that amazingly is to die for) or dak dak salad, to name few things. Not to forget shakshuka, their breads with olive oil and tahini or the tahini ice-cream. DANG! If Middle-eastern cuisine is your think, I wouldn't hesitate trying this. You'll regret it!

WHERE is it? In Stoke Newington in 93 Stoke Newington Church St, N16 0AS; In Soho it is located in Kingly Court

WHAT time is it open until? 9 til 11pm pretty much everyday except for Mondays, when they close at 4pm, at least at their Stokey location.


Christmas In The City


I can't believe we are only two days away from December, where did this year go? I am not going to start recalling how great this year has been; there's been awesome times and not so nice days, BUT, if there is something I am exciting about this December is the xmassy vibe that London gets. 

People are cheerier and more willing to spend (yikes!), most streets are full of pretty fairy lights and restaurants and shops have the best displays. I love this time of the year! Just wandering the streets makes you feel completely different. Of course, I wouldn't advise you going to the city centre over the weekend as you may then hate Christmas (the over-crowding is surreal) but it is worth checking out any other time of the week. 

That's what my team and I did recently, and I thought I'd share our lil day out with you. It started early in Covent Garden, precisely to avoid crowds, which turned out positively to our benefit as we met the market providers to the Apple Market, where you can get little crafts for Secret Santa or the perfect Christmas decorations for your home. 

For those beauty lovers, you certainly need to stop by The Abnormal Beauty Company from Deciem. They may not have all the products on your wishlist (check Fenwick if so), but the customer service is great. I also love having a pit-stop at Laduree, just in case they have a new special edition box and I have an excuse to indulge into my favorite macarons.

After wandering around the Piazza, we headed for breakfast to The Ivy Soho Brasserie, which has one of the best Christmas decorations in Soho. I mean, it's whimsical, really! Food was great and so was the ambiance, the service and the check! I had eggs benedict and waffles with berries & yoghurt (I was hungry, ok?) and I was in heaven. I can't recall when was the last time I had such a hollandaise sauce. MMM mouthwatering NOW.  

After we filled our bellies up, we decided to continue with a long walk across Carnaby, Regent St and Oxford St, taking in all the pretty lights in preparation for Santa's arrival. After all, what's best than taking in what the city has prepared for you?

TCB xx



ZARA Red Boots
ASOS Star Dress
Tartan Scarf
Gucci Dyonisus Bag
Rayban Round Sunglasses

I'm on a Barge?

Breakfast on a loaf

Yes, please.

WHAT IS IT AND WHY SHOULD YOU GO THERE? Because at The Barge House you'll find everything you were looking for. 

From a fresh daily menu on weekdays to the yummiest bread-loaf breakfasts over the weekend, at The Barge House they will cater to your desires. I've only had the change to try their brunch over the weekend but I've heard their daily menu, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, is delish. 

But if you are looking for a different brunch spot, mouthwatering (yet instagram-worthy) food and a great location, I've got you covered. The Barge House specializes in cooking your favorite breakfasts, which include the original english breakfast, the vegetarian option, the smoked salmon and the hot stuff (kinda Mexican vibe), in a sourdough loaf! Yes, in a sourdough loaf. 

My personal favourite? Obvs the original english. Also! If you are feeling like having a drink, please try their bloody marys! They've got their own signature vodka that is a dream to your senses!

WHERE? By the canal! Could you ask for any better location?

WHEN? Pretty much everyday from 10 - 11pm (except Sundays, open til 6pm).

Hens & Chickens


It's been a long time since I have been impressed this much, Red Rooster succeeded.

Located at The Curtain, the new kid in the members club block, Red Rooster Shoreditch is the baby boy from the original Rooster in Harlem, NY. 

Expect the unexpected from this place. Imagine Southern American food and then mix it with NY vibe, then add European style to the mix. The result is uncanny.

Also, if you are into fashion and American Culture, this will be your mecca. Louis Vuitton themed doors, lots of references to american hip-hop and basketball and live-music while wining and dining. Am I dreaming?

Now cutting to the chase, FOOD. TCB went there for dinner and tasted:

For starters we had deviled Eggs filled with chicken skin aioli and duck jerky (I mean, HELLO!?) and a Southern Heritage salad, which had seared watermelon, heirloom tomato and burrata (an excellent mix, if you ask me).  

Mains included a mixture of veggie options and Red Rooster's signature dishes: roasted cauliflower with chili and corn crumble, corn bread, Aunt Maybel's Dumplings (which are rather gnocchis, not your average chinese dumplings) and chicken, of course!!! Not to mention waffles were included...

My mouth is watering again just remembering our meal. Do not waste your time and head there ASAP!

WHERE? 45 Curtain Rd, EC2A 3PT

WHEN? Here comes the best part open daily til after midnight! Again, am I dreaming?! Monday-Tuesday from 5pm-12pm, Wednesday til 1am and Thurs-Fri until 2am! HOOOORRAY!

Italians Do It Better

WHAT? Yes, you've heard it right. Italians do it better. Or rather british, really? Because Luca, it's a mixture of both. British produce and italian menu, BRITALIAN.

WHERE? Farringdon/ Clerkenwell area, more specifically: 88 St John St, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4EH

WHEN? Anytime (except Sundays) between noon and 10,30pm. 

WHY? If you like home made italian classics with a british touch, this is certainly your place. The venue is the second restaurant of founders of The Clove's Club, kind of an institution in the foodie London scene. 

Many had high expectations, but to be honest, I was just happy to try a new restaurant, specially cause one of my friends was at the kitchen!

The venue itself is very cutting-edge, a modern restaurant with a vintage touch. Apparently, they are also setting up a courtyard for the summer, which I am really excited about. 

As for the food: certainly mouth-watering. We kick-started with some bubbles while waiting for our starters, which included the infamous parmesan fries, scallops with smashed wasabi peas and octopus. YUM!? We also shared our mains as we were to excited to try as many dishes as possible. Fresh pasta is always a winner and therefore my favourite main was probably the vegetarian lasagna, along with the steak tartare. Dessert followed with a delicious tiramisu paired with an amaretto on the rocks.

All in all a 'must try' if you are around the area, certainly.