Smoking Goat?


Smoking Goat

Nope, goats do not smoke, really. However, this former gogo bar has been transformed into a wine & dine spot, so hot it’s smoking!

Why should you go there? I mean, the question is why haven't you been there yet?!

A cocktail in one hand and one of their chilli fish sauce chicken wings in the other and you'll understand what I am talking about. This is FIRE! So much, the restaurant has decided to serve just that as a late-night bite from Thursday-Sunday until 1am. Isn't it the best?

The whole menu is to die for, really, and so cheap I can't cope. We recommend you to try the smoked aubergine with egg & chilli, the barbecue goat shoulder massaman curry (OH WOW) and the lardo fried rice. As for the rest, go crazy! But those three are really a must. Including the chicken wings, that is. 

Where is it exactly? 64 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ

When should you go? Anyday from 12-3pm for lunch or from 5.30 to 11pm for dinner (except for weekends, when it closes at 1am)

Listen to me clearly. Do not resist. Go grab those chicken wings PRONTO! Don't you want some FUEGO in your life?

TCB xx

Peruvian Memories

Where? I went to Andina in Shoreditch, but they also have a smaller version in Soho called Casita Andinita.

What? A good mix of Mediterranean and Peruvian food - 2 for 1 kinda deal! Here you'll find a all those raw goods that are so quintessential in Peru (quinoa, ceviche) but with a twist. 

Why? Because I was missing some of the food I had on my journey through Peruvian soil! Though I must admit this was quite different from what I had then, I liked the modern take on traditional Peruvian dishes. And GOOD NEWS! You can make reservations which is quite unlikely in any hotspot in London, right?

TCB suggestions: Pulpo Chancon (octopus), bistec escabechado (steak with choclo, their typical corn smashed) and of course, ceviche (their 'clasico' is pretty good)

One last plus:  they also do masterclasses! Cooking workshops for those who would like to impress at home too...

Buen Provecho Amigos :)

TCB xx

Spice World, The Movie

I'm sorry guys, it's not a Spice Girls-themed restaurant (we wish?) but rather a VERY spicy thai restaurant: Som Saa. Those who don't like spice should really stop reading, otherwise WELCOME! You've landed at the right place, and you should definitely try this new hotspot in Shoreditch.

I've been meaning to come here for a while but the long-waiting had put me off few times. Just so you know, we arrived here 10 minutes after we opened to get a table and we got it only 10 minutes before 8PM. That is about 1,30-2h wait. But hey, it is TOTALLY worth it. I just thought you should now what you might be facing before you get to enjoy your meal. 

As one of our many girly celebrations, we decided to stick to the waiting line, and thankfully grabbed a spot by the cocktail bar, where we got to enjoy a great bottle of prosecco and some of their snacks. OH MAMA, the snacks are GOOOOOOD! 

Okay, but where is it? 43A Commercial Road (E1 6BD)

What we tried and LOVED: 

  • gai yaang - thai style grilled chicken leg with tamarind dipping sauce

  • yum makeua yao for the veggies - a delish grilled aubergine salad with egg and prawn floss

  • mu parlow - not one but FIVE spice soy braised pork belly with chilli vinegar sauce, DANG SPICY MA'AM!

All accompanied with some jasmine and sticky rice (my fave!) - I wish they had sticky mango rice for dessert! They have it everywhere in America but for some reason I haven't seen it anywhere else...

But never mind, they did have another awesome dessert: salted palm sugar ice cream with fried banana, YUMMM.

Why should I go there, though? As I said before, this is THE place for those who love thai (and spicy) food. The venue is also a plus, it is very well put and its location is prime for east Londoners.

Burn My friends, Burn!

TCB xx

Shoreditch Hype


Well, well, well...I moved to London literally two months ago and I feel so settled already! London bursts of energy, creativity, innovation...and of course, a lot of fashion. I've been living here only for few months but every day is an adventure. And I wanted you to be part of them sharing my experiences here.

Last weekend I spent my time discovering (once again) Shoreditch, the neighborhood of hipsters and fashion craziness. There's nothing you can think of that you wouldn't see here. It is truly amazing.

My Sunday ritual in Shoreditch consists on having a nice breakfast at the Beigel Bake (salmon bagel, what a classic!) up at the end of Brick Lane and then just let myself into the litlle stalls where you can find real gems (fashion-wise, don't get me wrong).

One of my favourite spots is that Vintage Market under ground of Brick Lane. Live Music, Vintage Clothing and lots of food stalls to try different types of cuisines. What else would you need to spend your sunday?

But before getting into Brick Lane there is one stop I ALWAYS have to make, and that is the street market next to Old Spitafields Market. It is just bedazzling. Don't ask where those clothing pieces come from but they seriously have good stuff. They only work on the Sundays so make sure you are around to treat yourself to a nice piece! P.S: I've got that stunning metallic jacket I'm wearing in the pictures last Sunday :)

For outfit details, just see below the pictures. Have a nice week, fashionistas!



Metallic Glitter Biker (bought at Spitafield's Sunday Market)
& Other Stories Dress (sold out)
Miista Brogues