Moving East



Hello careless readers,

I know I’ve been off lately, but major things are happening at the moment! NYFW and LFW madness really got me and all that major fun ended up costing me a bit of an infection which, added to many other things going on at the moment, made it worse to my health status. So, forgive me for my absence. Ready to compensate you very shortly!

One of the biggest news happening at the moment is that I am moving East. Yep, leaving beautiful and peaceful West London to enter the realms of chaos, noise and 24/7 shops. I mean, sounds appealing, right? Ha. It does to me! Because aside my never-ending love to 24h shops, there is that vibe of creativity, entrepreneurship and thrive that you can’t find anywhere else in the city. Plus, have you seen how stylish people are over there?

However, if you live in London you know that finding a good place to live in is not an easy process, but rather a stressful one. I don’t feel prepared to have my own house and I like to endure into the creative space that is Hackney/ Dalston with new flatmates, but also with a decent large room (have I told you how many shoes do I own?). So, it has been quite a draining process so far. But we’ll get there I am sure! Positive thinking always gets you places J

In any case, in spirit of getting to know what will be my new neighborhood, TCB went for a stroll around Broadway Market and Shoreditch on Sunday, probably the busiest day of the week there. And let me tell you, it was chaos. But so much fun!

After getting a bagel at the infamous Beigel Bake Shop (though you can pretty much get the same PLUS the rainbow bagel on the Beigel Shop next door), we wandered into the streets and discover few places you should definitely put on your list for a fun day out:

  • If fashion is what you are after (and by that I mean independent shopping) then my suggestion would be to check out The Lazy Ones on Sclater St and AOC Edit on Brick Lane. They’ve already pull out their AW16/17 collection and it is pretty damn good. Quite simple yet veeery nice, and very nice quality too. The first brand is kinda Kardashian gone stylish and the latter highlights great leathers that you’ll want to wear all the time.

In addition to those two, you’ve also got Bitsch Kitsch on Brick Lane. It has been running for quite some time now and I am sure if you are a local you knew about this place already, but if not, this is definitely a shop you MUST SEE. Quirky to say the least, this tiny spot has whatever you could expect, from Barbie head collars and SpongeBob dresses (very Moschino-esque) to hand-made embroided jackets. MESMERIZING!

  • If culture is what you are after, then I suggest you wander the streets discovering and enduring all the streetart surrounding you. There's so much to see! If you like to be a bit more organised though, and get some fun out of it, there is an alternative streetart workshop that you could take, and I quite liked.
  • Lastly, if you just want to chill out, there is a very peaceful spot just an alley away from Brick Lane. In fact, it is a hippy commune! Yep, an actual commune in the middle of this chaos. Nomadic Community Gardens has a boat, a little café, a garden-farm, and a sort of bar where to sit and have a nice time with your friends. It's a space to create, discuss and experience.  Oh, there’s also graffiti everywhere. Lots of it.

I think I am making a good move, right?

TCB xx


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