Photography by Rosalind Alcazar 

If there is something that still bedazzles me about London is its history, and the vibrant stories that come with it.  I can't recall any other city so urban, so contemporary, and yet so full of ancient history. 

A clear example of that is Wilton's Music Hall, in the East End. Certainly a memorable place to many, this creative hub started as an ale house back in the 18th century and it went through several wars, and potential demolitions until it got to a renowned arts space in the late 90s.

You can feel how much this place has lived as soon as you are in front of it. The walls have been kept from the old days (with some restoration work) and its interior remains very decadent, which gives this place a real historical touch. Great acoustics, so if you come for a gig here, you are in for a treat. Otherwise, it is also a great spot for a cozy pint; I am sure whoever you take there will be impressed. 

Of course we dressed up for the occasion, and put up a dandy-look with a gucci-esque touch (my addiction these days), and the result is what you see! Lots of mix & match, print all over the place, and a bit of geeky touch with my beloved Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

Stay tuned for  more,

TCB xx

Full Outfit by Mango
Miista Gold Brogues