A Date in Fitzrovia

It’s funny how when you’ve lived in London for many years, you tend to avoid spending time in the city centre, for a variety of reasons. It’s crowded and full of tourists -apparently, we hate it- and after a long week of work, you just want to relax at your local hood. Commuting for at least 40 minutes seems an extortionate amount of time to be losing. Nonetheless, we are rebels, so we braved out to Fitzrovia a couple of Saturdays ago. We gotta tell you, it was real fun.

You want in too now, huh? Then this will be music to your ears: tips to spending a full day in Fitzrovia right at your fingertip right here. Whether you are just passing by or are a long-time Londoner, this will get you going!


A Date with Fitzrovia

Tips for a fun filled day in the city.

1.      Start your morning with a kickass workout at FRAME

2.      Once you’ve burn some calories and turn on your energy batteries, it’s time to eat. There are TONS of brunch options around here. Just choose your style and off you go: healthy peeps like Detox Kitchen, fashionistas prefer Berners Tavern, hipsters like Attendant 

3.      Once you’ve got your morning fix, it’s time for some culture. For that we suggest a couple of ours at The Wellcome Collection. This is a quirky museum (and library), where 19th-century collector Henry Wellcome's left its medical antiquities. Nowadays it also stores hi-tech modern displays and other art. There are always a variety of workshops and events ongoing, so have a look on their site before you go.

4.      By the time you are done, it’s drinks o’clock. Oh, the paramount of offers here. Our winner goes for Bourne & Hollingsworth. It’s kitsch and their drinks are awesome. However, make sure you make a booking. The place is tiny!

5.      If you have fuel for more, you can either head for dinner or go to the cinema. Or both! As middle eastern lovers, our suggestions are Honey & Co or Kyseri. If you are a passionate Ottolenghi addict, ROVI is also around the corner, but we weren’t very impressed by it.

6.      Cinema wil be served at Charlotte St Hotel. A cutie screening room is set up on Fridays and Sundays for a proper Film Club! Listings here.


Aaaand now it’s time for bed. Not without a night cap at The Mandrake Hotel, of course. What happens there, stays there.