Foodie Monster Special: Paris & Food Art

Of course my stay in Paris would not go unnoticed food-wise. C'MON! If there is something French are good at (apart from fashion) is food. Ok, sometimes too many baguettes and too much butter for some, but I am a sucker for both! 

As I was there during fashion week, it almost felt necessary to do an upgrade on my dining options and therefore we chose to have french cuisine most of our nights. 

There was only one night when we made an exception, Ober Mamma was a must. A perfect Italian in the heart of Paris, that not only has a great bar set up, its food is incroyable. Pizzas are beyond delicious, the cured meats as a starter are sublime and to top that you've got lovely waiters to guide you on your menu choices. Not to mention is the hot-spot at the moment, ofc...

As for our french bistros, we've tried many, but there are a few that are worth mentioning: 

Chez Janou for a classic french bistro, pretty chairs outside, low-light restaurant, busy as hell and serving all the french dishes you were thinking about before getting there. Au Petit Fer a Cheval has also become our special favourite for a pre or post-dinner drink. 

Les Déserteurs if you want a twist on what you would call french cuisine. It is still very french, the products are mega fresh and the display is just beautiful. It is recommended in the Michelin Guide, which is always a good indicator, however I am always afraid that I am going to leave the restaurant feeling hungry. NOT THE CASE. 

We had a set menu including 2 starters, a main and dessert (see below!) and I could not have been more happily stuffed. The waiters usually help you pair your food with wine and you are offered some cheese in between dishes, which I would highly recommend. 

Now, sweet tooths out there, I haven't forgotten you. I've been trying to be good since I will be travelling to Philippines in less than a month. But hey ho, you can't go to Paris and not indulge some sweet delicacies. As I tried to go for "healthier options" I've realised that the parisiennes have also taken on board the matcha-kraze. So much they even have a whole restaurant for it! Umami Matcha Cafe. LOVE-IT. 

Other than that and the usual suspects such as Sadaharu Aoki or Eclair de Genie, I've also found Pain de Sucre at Le Marais. A bakery and patisserie offering the right amount of sugar you need in your body!

Don't miss out...and bon appetit!

TCB xx