Ibiza, Island of Fun

I've been trying to think about how to express my feelings about this island for the last couple of days. So many words come to my mind but I guess my favourite is FREEDOM. Never have I been at a place where 'everything goes' and 'nobody gives a damn', literally.

On the course of five days, I've seen such a variety of people: a naked old man parading all over Ibiza with a pair of House of Holland sunglasses and an umbrella (fancy!), numerous girls in underwear just chilling in the streets, and of course, a lot of hippies.  What do they have in common? That they could care less about it, they were doing what they wanted.

Ibiza is also a place where you can have it all. Party? Check. Relax? Check. Great Food? Check. Great Beaches? Check. Great Bitches? Check, Check. 

You say beachy spots, I say Cala d'Hort. It takes a bit to get there but it is SO dreamy you should not miss out. Crystal clear water, beautiful layout AND a great restaurant serving what is probably the best Paella I had in a long time. 

Enjoy the weekend peeps, 

TCB xx