Dating Richmond for a day


Morning careless readers! Today I've been up earlier than usual and I feel buzzed! Work out, shower and a coffee by 8.30am? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK. I am sure I will be having my second coffee before lunchtime but hey ho! It felt good. 

Last weekend I went with my beaut pal Ines for a stroll in Richmond, which to us living East, felt like a day out of the city. And I must confess, it was delightful. I forgot how pretty, rich and clean the West feels, everything is picture perfect. Even more so now that Autumn is coming.

Since it took us 1h to 1h30m to get there, we decided to make the most of it. And so should you. What can you do in Richmond? You may we wondering. That's FAR, you may be thinking, too. Ok, you are absolutely right, but it is definitely worth the trip. Specially on days like this, while seasons are changing. 

Start your morning by jetting off to Richmond Station and start strolling down the river, it is beautiful out there! If you are lazy you can take a ferry but it is a very nice walk and if you are lucky and the sun is out, there will be plenty of ambiance. If you walk long enough, you'll enter an enchanted little path that will lead you to the dreamy Petersham Nurseries. That my friend, is a MUST. 


Name may ring a bell as they have a shop and a deli in Covent Garden, but the true deal is in Richmond. Fine dining at a glasshouse? Yes, please. Feeling like Cinderella while being treated to yummy food and shopping the coolest flowers and home deco? YES, PLEASE.

Food at their Cafe (not to be confused by their self-service Teahouse, next door) was exceptional, and more so was their service. Prepare your wallets (average lunch incl. a bottle of wine ~£60-80) and your palate, cause you are in for a delicious treat. 

Menu changes fairly often, so TCB suggests you to ask the somelier to pair your wine with your food (they are extremely helpful!) and to have 1 starter, 1 main and obviously dessert. It was difficult to choose what was best, but our favorites included the Bucatini Verde and the Grilled polenta. Yep, we went veggie for the day. 

After your well-deserve meal, you can either continue the adventure by sightseeing deers at Richmond Park and sipping coffee at Pembroke Lodge Cafe or Gates on the park, you can get rid of all the calories you've indulged by heading to the Golf Course oooor head back to the city center and walk by the little antique shops around Brewers Ln. 

All in all, the perfect day in the city. Gah, love being a tourist in London.

TCB xx