City of Angels & Superstars






City of Angels

Los Angeles certainly is peculiar. City of Angels and Superstars, this is a place like no other.


Everywhere and anywhere you go in LA, you’ll need a car, and as a result, you won’t be able to see many people in the streets. But there is always a silver lining in every cloud: as people and cars spread out, LA becomes your own set and you are star at this movie.

As one of the few people that walks in this city, beware you can get fined for jaywalking, that is, crossing the street when there’s no crossing or red lights are on. CRA-ZY.

Each area has a different vibe, and pretty much every ethnicity has its own neighbourhood: Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Little Armenia,… you name it.

Hollywood is a touristy place, probably comparable to Leicester Sq and Picadilly in London, and you’d only go there for a specific reason, or when somebody is visiting. Having said that, it would be sad to miss it. People watching here is super fan, and you get to see the walk of fame while at it.

Hollywood has a decadent feel to it, in my opinion. Many stories have happened here and nothing has changed for a long time because of it. It feels Hollywood is doomed to live off the golden times, and we all love it because of it, of course.

TCB xx

Photography by Simply Adri


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