San Francisco Travel Postcards

I must admit, I didn't like San Francisco as much as I would. I had great expectations, I have so many friends who love it dearly. I just couldn't feel it. 

It is, undoubtedly, a sporty place and a great foodie city. However, it was quite annoying to cue for every good place you wanted to try. Even for coffee! 25 minutes to get your morning fix at Blue Bottle Coffee is not really ideal, in my opinion. 

In any case, that wasn't the most shocking part, it was the massive (visible) inequalities, more than I've ever seen anywhere else. The amount of homeless and junkies in the street I saw was really saddening, and I just could not dismiss it. I guess that tarnished my view of the city, and I couldn't come back from it. 

But I don't want to put you away from going there! I am sure everybody has a different point of view. Maybe next time I'll like it better? I feel it's a city you need to get to know, and maybe adding Sonoma to the trip would make it even better. Good wine is always a winner!

Nevertheless, it was my first time there and, as a good tourist, I took some postcard pictures. 

Stay tuned for more, 

TCB xx



Going Bananas

At the Museum of Ice Cream.





Looks like we found our very own Paradise: the Museum of Ice Cream

After many attempts to get tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream (aka MOIC, an acronym for "movement of imagination and creativity"), we finally managed to score a pair for our recent visit to San Franscico, and I, personally, was very excited. 

Those who know me well know that I have a little addiction to ice cream. I could literally eat it anytime of the day, anytime of the year. Even for breakfast. So, when I heard about this place, it was only natural that I needed to check it out for myself. 

This place is heaven for those who love taking selfies and creative pictures. An interactive art exhibit with ice cream and candy themed exhibits (to keep you high, obvs!), all brightly colored, in a maze of rooms containing, among other things, a rock-candy cave, a unicorn, and a swimming pool of rainbow sprinkles. The whole concept resonates happiness and positivism, and those are traits that I really look for, in life and in my peeps. 

The Museum started in NYC few years ago, and since then it has expanded to LA, Miami and San Francisco. There were definitely a lot of kiddos when we visited it; however, I do believe this is meant for all lovers of ice cream, whether these are adults or kids. Tickets must be purchased in advance for specific time slots online only, so make sure you grab yours soon enough as these sold out very quickly!!

Stay tuned peeps, 

TCB xx


ZARA Polka Dot Kitten Heels & HandBag (currently on sales, sold out online; similar below)
H&M Meanswear LOVE Pride Tee (worn as a dress!)
J'ADIOR Undies
Monarch Tokyo Figgy Sunnies in Clear Orange

The Noguchi Museum

Photography by Steph from  City + Palm

Photography by Steph from City + Palm

Following the thread from my previous article about 'The unknown LIC', I'd love to dig a little bit deeper unto what's cooking in this part of town. 

I'm a fan of the arts, especially if this is abstract and contemporary. I love making things up when I see a an art piece (Isn't that part of the fun?) and lucky me there was a museum in the Queens neighborhood I haven't visited before: The Noguchi Museum. 

The museum was founded by the American artist by the same name, and he was definitely a pioneer of his time on building a museum to portray his work. The museum itself is a piece of art, with plenty of sculptures and abstract design; but what brought us here really was his exhibition Akari, a modular ecosystem of lightweight, collapsible paper lanterns that can create and transform space. For some, IKEA paper lanterns, for others art. For us, SO MUCH FUN to be had.

We spend a good hour wandering the different rooms theorizing what we saw, and I highly recommend you check it out if you are around the area. If it's a sunny day, you can then head to the park in front of it for a little picnic :)

TCB xx

Foodie Monsters LA Edition


One cannot think well,

love well,

sleep well,

if one has not dined well

So here's our favourite Foodie Monster spots at the City of Angels



  • Carrera Cafe for printed cups of coffee, including the infamous LA PLAM TREES, but also Kim Kardashian’s crying face and Ryan Gosling’s sexy look.
  • Urth Caffe is probably one of the busiest places around the area; as he name say they are very ‘earth’, healthy and organic food at its best.
  • For dessert lovers like moi, you’ve got one of the best ice-creams around: Salt & Straw and Carmela; the latter does a lavender and honey cup that is surprisingly amazing.
  • Of course, let’s not forgot Alfred Tea Room. I mean, you could not miss this spot even if you wanted! Probably the most instagrammed café of LA, this trendy spot is perfect for pink lovers and matcha addicts.

Silver Lake & Surroundings

  • Italian? Sure. Cosa Buona for authentic pizzas and Alimento for an italian menu with a twist
  • Night+Market Song is probably THE best thai in town, serving street-food style dishes from the mainland
  • Of course if there’s an Israeli place, I’ll go there; Mh Zh and Kismet are top choices, if you ask me
  • A bit out of the way you’ll also find Salazar, serving mexican tacos to hungry customers

West Hollywood

  • If you want to upscale your dining options, then you should totally pay a visit to Chateaux Marmont. Ecclectic and baroque, this place is like no other. Chilled at their indoor bar, listen to the pianist at their lounge or have a romantic meal in their garden. Such a gem! Make sure you book.
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel is definitely very LA. The place to ve for certain clientele, in here you’ll find 4 restaurants with different styles. In a sunny day, I love having brunch at their Cabana Café, dipping in to their pool, which by the way, has music underwater.
  • Another Night + Market restaurant here, a bit less crazy busy and with more seating area.
  • Guisados is perfect for a hungover fix, all their tacos are soooo good. I never know where to choose from.

Downtown LA

Downtown LA is all about rooftop bars. The Standard, Ace Hotel, know, he classics.

Now if we are talking food, there’s two places, at least, you shouldn’t miss.

  • Bottega Louie for that french-chic vibe. Macarons at the entrance and delicious food (incl. fire-wood pizza!) at their restaurant
  • Eggslut for a perfect american-style brunch
  • Otium for fine-dining/ contemporary american. Does Chef Timothy Hollingsworth ring a bell to you? There you go then.
  • If you still have room for dessert, hit Astrodonuts & fried chicken. Food coma.

Several Locations: In-n-Out


A trip to LA wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t stop by at In-n-Out. I know, it's junk food! You must be thinking. But damn, these burgers are good. And there's a reason why everybody loves them.

Roll your sleeves guys, you are gonna need the energy.

TCB xx


Hot Pockets

Photography by Simply Adri

Photography by Simply Adri

Silver Lake and Melrose could not be more different from each other and yet be so similar. One is youthful and unpretentious and the other the complete opposite, but both cry hipster out loud.

If you are looking for great vintage shopping and delicious and unique food spots, then Silver Lake is probably more your cup of tea; whereas if you prefer a bit more upscale shopping and tons of uber cool cafés and terraces, then Melrose & Fairfax are problaby more your thing. Having said that, the latter hosts one of the biggest Flea Markets around the area, and on a weekly basis! So things can get confusing here...

As I said, both are great spots, so if your undecided on where to go on this sunny day, then I suggest you check out traffic times and decide where you want to be!

If you head to Silver Lake, you are in for some good vintage loving. Sleeper, Foxhole and Furst of a Kind were definitely my faves. Also,  The Maven Store does not sell loving but their curated selection of current clothing and accessories is worth checking out.

If you head to Melrose, then start your morning at Kosher News with a bit of reading. This is probably the biggest magazine store in the area, if not all of LA. Once you've got your coffee fix, it's shopping time!

Every time I come to the states, I need to go to Marc Jacobs. It kind of feels like a staple to me, and despite the clothes being too expensive for my taste, the handbags and accessories are awesome and affordable. 

If you want to be the cool kid in town, of course you need to check out Supreme and GOLF, the newest opening from Tyler, the creator.

Passing by Melrose without stopping at Paul Smith would be like going to London and miss the Big Ben. It's such a staple! That pink wall needs some good loving. Next to it you'll find Reformation Vintage, a new concept for its original flagship, curating vintages from all over the globe. If you are ready to splash, then Maxfield should be your last stop.

They are my latest faves. Soon hopefully yours, too. And if you are missing my favorite #foodiemonster spots, then you should see my next post coming. NEAAAAT!

TCB cx



If you wanna feel like a star, play like one. If you ask me, that calls for a ride out to West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Don't you think?

Nothing feels better than riding your old-school american car through Sunset Blvd, music playing, glasses on and sun shining. Ok, that’s a lie; a drink at Chateaux Marmont or breakfast by the Cabana Pool at The Beverly Hills Hotel is pretty spot on too. Of course, we did both. When in Rome, hey!

I must admit, LA has proven to be super fun. Despite the never ending driving and constant traffic, I got to meet tons of beautiful people, which made my trip a thousand times better so far. Adventures definitely taste better with great company.

TCB xx


Photography By Karina, at Overdressed LA

City of Angels & Superstars






City of Angels

Los Angeles certainly is peculiar. City of Angels and Superstars, this is a place like no other.


Everywhere and anywhere you go in LA, you’ll need a car, and as a result, you won’t be able to see many people in the streets. But there is always a silver lining in every cloud: as people and cars spread out, LA becomes your own set and you are star at this movie.

As one of the few people that walks in this city, beware you can get fined for jaywalking, that is, crossing the street when there’s no crossing or red lights are on. CRA-ZY.

Each area has a different vibe, and pretty much every ethnicity has its own neighbourhood: Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Little Armenia,… you name it.

Hollywood is a touristy place, probably comparable to Leicester Sq and Picadilly in London, and you’d only go there for a specific reason, or when somebody is visiting. Having said that, it would be sad to miss it. People watching here is super fan, and you get to see the walk of fame while at it.

Hollywood has a decadent feel to it, in my opinion. Many stories have happened here and nothing has changed for a long time because of it. It feels Hollywood is doomed to live off the golden times, and we all love it because of it, of course.

TCB xx

Photography by Simply Adri


Vintage GUESS shirt
ZARA Red Skirt
Leather Sandals (oldie)
Handmade Strawbag
GIGI x Vogue Eyewear cat eye sunglassess

I <3 NYC

What can I say that you don't know, really. I love this city. I could not feel more identified with any other place than NYC. Buzzing 24/7, inspirational, full of fun. It's my 4th visit to the big apple and less than a year, so I guess that's gotta mean I quite like it, right?

As I've been here many times over the past, I luckily don't feel as much of a tourist anymore. I rather spend time doing things that I enjoy, rather than visiting than cuing for two hours to go up the Rockefeller building. Been there, done that. 

That is probably why I've been having such a great time just being with friends, socializing, shopping (obvs!) and indulging on what the city has to offer.

My last visit to the states was quite a tour. Chicago, Boston, Cape Cod, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. All in LESS THAN A MONTH. Yep, roller-coaster of emotions! Luckily, NYC was my home-base, and I managed to score unforgettable moments with my friends. Always in style, of course.

Spending a week at Sixty Hotel in LES was DREAMY, but so it was when I moved with a friend to BK for another week, or when my friends from London spend my last weekend in there at the W Hotel in Times Sq...BLISS.

TCB xx

YANKEES, a Foodie Monster in NYC

People sometimes tell me I am mistaken, but I really need to check my facts here cause I definitely feel NYC is small when compared to London. We have about the same amount of people leaving in both cities (8.7M in Greater London vs 8.5M in NYC) but when it comes to distances London feels definitely larger.

Distances and travelling time are reduced in NYC, which is kinda nice from a Londoner's point of view. I wonder though, if I would then ran out of places to try out? Then again, this is NYC. A new restaurant pops up every week, if not more often. 

This time around my troupe and I mainly stayed around Soho, Chinatown and LES (with some BK adventures, obvs), so all my suggestions will be mainly centered there!

Enjoy it careless readers, 

TCB xx

Shop Til' You Drop

Forget Century21 and all those outlets an hour away of the city. If you come to New York is not to shop cheap, my friend, it's to shop RIGHT!

If your idea of shopping is to go to all places commoners go, then stop reading right away. If you like unique pieces that stand out wherever you go, then continue. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zara and all the high-street stores, but I can get that at home and probably cheaper than in the states, so why bother?

If you are in the same mindset as moi and you’ve got some dollah to spend, you’ve landed at the right site. Happy shopping gurrrrL



  • Maiyet - Their flagship store on Crosby St is most beautiful and minimal store I've seen in a long time. Not to mention their handcrafted bags are SO DREAMY. Also, you've got the Nomo Hotel for a quick drink and the Egg Shop for the perfect brunch stopover.
  • American Two Shot - Also around the corner from Maiyet, a Super Cool Store for Super Cool People. Not only clothing but also home stuff and creative little items that are probably useless but SO cool. I mean, really.
  • V Files – You faaancy! Hood by Air and the likes, properly set up in the nicest and coolest way.
  • Reformation – Need to explain myself on this one? You have IG and claim you are into fashion, right? Then all has been said.
  • Frankie shop (aka Pixie Market) – Same thing as reformation. But if you need a bit of info…all those catwalk pieces you wanted? Here, for you, and at affordable prices.
  • 3NY – This shop I discovered on my last trip to the city. And I love it! Remember my Valentino lookalike? I got it here. Really funky and unique finds, with a variety of prices. Much better to go in-store than online. 
  • Warby Parker and Moscot for great eye-glasses and sunglasses. Warby Parker has more of a young vibe, with lots of different styles and frames and good for every budget. Moscot is a NY staple. It’s a family business that’s been running for centuries and their frames have been worn by many famous people.
  • Aritzia and J. Crew– OK,OK, OK these are sort of chains. But we don’t have them in Europe! Minimalist concept store with great evergreen pieces. Great steal of the season: suede pants for less than $100!
  • The Market NYC (on Broadway w/ Broome St) – Probably quite touristy but I found true gems in these warehouse: great if you are looking for good (gold-plated) jewelry and leather goods



The list of shops across this street is LONG. It is mainly luxury firms, but also independent designers (up and coming, of course), so if you come from the UK, it is probably worth checking them out, since your pounds are worth more overseas.

If you are coming from anywhere else, I still think it is worth for you to have a stroll around the area. It is my favourite neighborhood for a reason, not only the shopping.


Girls Gotta Eat - Manhattan Edition

Breaky, Brunch & Cafes ($$)

that are worth tones of insta pics

(I mean, why else would you eat THAT much?)

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, should be served in style. And that is why you should head for a cup of coffee (or a cold brew, if you like) at Ralph's Coffee, located on the second floor at Ralph Lauren's flagship store on Madison Avenue. Kick start your morning before heading to your shopping spree downstairs!

P.S.: Check out their adjacent teeny tiny merchandise store, that's the sort of souvenir your friends will keep. 


If you are not a morning person, then brunch is certainly your thing; and if you've been in Manhattan for a while, you know that best insta-meals are Downtown. 

Vegan lovers have By Chloe on the ever trendy Bleecker St, serving juices, baked goodies and cocktails in funky digs. You know I ain't no veggie but everything on their menu is so yummt! My personal fave were the sweet potato fries and the veggie burger.

Jacks Wife Freda, on Lafayette St, serves a meal for champions. Curated with cutesie-healthy drinks like watermelon tea, this bistro is an american fare share mixed with Middle Eastern cuisine, my old time favourite.

Lupe’s LA East Kitchen on 6th with Broome St, certainly takes me back to LA style. Great for those who love proper mexican and a good selection of drinks. 

Egg Shop serves everything with EGGS, of course. Their service is amazingly friendly, and despite being quite a small spot, it is definitely worth the wait. Their classic B.E.C. is the perfect hangover cure.


Like a good spaniard, italian or french, coffee is needed after a meal, or anytime, really. So if you want to take some snaps while enjoying one of those little cups (or rather large one), then you should try:

  • Cafe Henrie for all things pink, or Cha Cha Matcha for the same reason, though Matcha is all you'll find here, or all you should try, at least!

  • Spreadhouse has amazingly great coffee, and their "Turn Me On" logan on the toilets is definitely a must.

  • Least, but not last, The Doughnut Project or Clinton St Baking Co., for a great afternoon snack (that is doughnuts or waffles) before dinner. Make sure you've got space on that belly!

Dinner ($$$)

 If you are one of those people who love people watching, the first three restaurants are definitely ticking your box. 

•    Dirty French is FABULOUS. From stylish people at reception to the barman everything is cared to detail. Not only that, the food is also delicious. WATCH OUT: Oysters on the menu. 

•    Budakkan, aka that dinner place on SATC, yes! The Pan-Asian restaurant is defo a must visit. Specially if you love japanese/chinese/thai and all those cuisines.

•    Polo Bar is certainly where you want to be seen, regardless of eating or not.

Lombardi’s Pizza is one of the classic pizza spots in the city. Not for people watching, or for being glam, but because their pizzas are pretty damn good. And you gotta have pizza, right?

After-party treats ($)

Living in NYC makes it quite difficult to actually indulge dinner sometimes. Not because there aren't enough options to dine, but because a liquid meal usually falls more into place. Afterwork rooftop drinks, tinder dates, working til late followed by that party on that hotel, and last thing you know its 1AM and you are no longer hungry but drunk. 

Do not worry! The answer to all your queries is called Artichoke Pizza. There's no way around it!  

Who needs the Upper East Side?

Greenwich Village, Soho, Nolita, East Village...anywhere Lower Manhattan, you name it, and I'll be there.

It wasn't until my last trip to New York that I've realized the more I come here, the less I need to go uptown. I mean, why would you? I get it if you want to have a cultural day but otherwise, it's too much of a subway trip. You've got everything downtown.

I could literally spend my whole day walking around Bleecker St, to be honest. Yes, it is such a cliche but I love it there. Plus there are not one but three Marc Jacobs stores. Hello? Is it me you are looking for? 

On Saturday, I had a shopping spree myself: Kate Spade, J.Crew, Coach...basically every single american brand you could think of, plus few more that I discovered on the day. There was particularly one new designer that I felt in love with: Maiyet. Their flagship store (the only one worldwide!) is fantastic, so minimal yet so cool. Their bags are to die for and I cannot wait to wear one myself! 

Of course every shopping tour needs foodie stopovers, so I had an amazing veggie brunch at By Chloe topped up with a super yum icecream from The Big Gay Ice-cream Shop. 

And when you thought this could not get any better...there was live soul music in the street. 




H&M Stripes Dress
ZARA Gold Sandals
Taylor Morris ZERO sunglasses
Marc Jacobs American Flag Bag

Postcards From Manhattan

Brooklyn, You Are The Best

It is very hard to express with words how amazing New York has been to me. As I mentioned before, it has been a while since I was last here and I must say this place gets better every time.

First time staying in Williamsburg (and through AirBnB!) and both the people and the neighborhood were GREAT. So many little places to discover in so little time. 

Waking up to a glorious sunshine, I particularly liked a deli where I had breakfast everyday while there called Campbell's Cheese & Groceries. I literally would have had anything from that shop! Another favorite pitstop is the old-school Wythe Hotel where you can #treatyourself to a $15 cocktail while overseeing Manhattan. Next to it is the Brooklyn Brewery, which was such a delight to encounter considering that's my favourite beer. Smorgasburg on the Saturdays is a must if you are around but there are certainly many other places you could enjoy away from the crowd...

In fact, one of the most funky things I've found in a long time was a hidden gallery on a ground floor apartment at Lorimer St, where there was a Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen exhibit going on. Ha, that was pretty awesome.

But keeping the food and the sightseeing aside, it was the people I met along the way that made my stay in the city even better. There were many sleepless nights and lots of memories that I will treasure.

Who needs to sleep when you are in New York City?


A Walk To Remember

Man, did I forget how great the states are. It is the first time back in Boston since I left Bentley 6 years ago but as I landed at Logan Airport and drove to the city I just felt right at home.

I thought coming back would be difficult. Most if my friends from uni are spread over the world and I would have a different feeling being there. Nevertheless, it's been awesome. Lots of shopping at Newbury street and strolls around the common and Chinatown. Not to forget the not-so-hidden street library near Macy's. Such a must!

Work has been treating us well and we had a fantastic getaway in the city AND a short trip to the Cape, which is always so great.

I didn't remember how XXXXXL portions are in the US and as a declared foodie I tried to finish every yummy meal I had. It just meant by the end of it I got a bit of indigestion. OOPS! Totally worth it, though. In fact, if you are in downtown Boston I suggest you go to Yvonne's. Such an amazing venue and the food is to die for.

One my trip to the Cape we stayed at Chatham Bars Inn. And let me tell you, there's not a better place than that! As it is still low season we had pretty much the whole condo to ourselves (and it is ginormous), which also includes a private pool club with a heated swimming pool. WINNING!

Not to mention the amount of fresh seafood on offer...DE-LIGHT-FUL.

Ah, how I missed you. It's going to be hard to go back.




Topshop Mom Jeans
Topshop Black Joni Jeans
ZARA Gold Sandals
Taylor Morris ZERO sunglasses
Marc Jacobs Mirrored Hearts Bag (old)