Who needs the Upper East Side?

Greenwich Village, Soho, Nolita, East Village...anywhere Lower Manhattan, you name it, and I'll be there.

It wasn't until my last trip to New York that I've realized the more I come here, the less I need to go uptown. I mean, why would you? I get it if you want to have a cultural day but otherwise, it's too much of a subway trip. You've got everything downtown.

I could literally spend my whole day walking around Bleecker St, to be honest. Yes, it is such a cliche but I love it there. Plus there are not one but three Marc Jacobs stores. Hello? Is it me you are looking for? 

On Saturday, I had a shopping spree myself: Kate Spade, J.Crew, Coach...basically every single american brand you could think of, plus few more that I discovered on the day. There was particularly one new designer that I felt in love with: Maiyet. Their flagship store (the only one worldwide!) is fantastic, so minimal yet so cool. Their bags are to die for and I cannot wait to wear one myself! 

Of course every shopping tour needs foodie stopovers, so I had an amazing veggie brunch at By Chloe topped up with a super yum icecream from The Big Gay Ice-cream Shop. 

And when you thought this could not get any better...there was live soul music in the street. 




H&M Stripes Dress
ZARA Gold Sandals
Taylor Morris ZERO sunglasses
Marc Jacobs American Flag Bag