I <3 NYC

What can I say that you don't know, really. I love this city. I could not feel more identified with any other place than NYC. Buzzing 24/7, inspirational, full of fun. It's my 4th visit to the big apple and less than a year, so I guess that's gotta mean I quite like it, right?

As I've been here many times over the past, I luckily don't feel as much of a tourist anymore. I rather spend time doing things that I enjoy, rather than visiting than cuing for two hours to go up the Rockefeller building. Been there, done that. 

That is probably why I've been having such a great time just being with friends, socializing, shopping (obvs!) and indulging on what the city has to offer.

My last visit to the states was quite a tour. Chicago, Boston, Cape Cod, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. All in LESS THAN A MONTH. Yep, roller-coaster of emotions! Luckily, NYC was my home-base, and I managed to score unforgettable moments with my friends. Always in style, of course.

Spending a week at Sixty Hotel in LES was DREAMY, but so it was when I moved with a friend to BK for another week, or when my friends from London spend my last weekend in there at the W Hotel in Times Sq...BLISS.

TCB xx