YANKEES, a Foodie Monster in NYC

People sometimes tell me I am mistaken, but I really need to check my facts here cause I definitely feel NYC is small when compared to London. We have about the same amount of people leaving in both cities (8.7M in Greater London vs 8.5M in NYC) but when it comes to distances London feels definitely larger.

Distances and travelling time are reduced in NYC, which is kinda nice from a Londoner's point of view. I wonder though, if I would then ran out of places to try out? Then again, this is NYC. A new restaurant pops up every week, if not more often. 

This time around my troupe and I mainly stayed around Soho, Chinatown and LES (with some BK adventures, obvs), so all my suggestions will be mainly centered there!

Enjoy it careless readers, 

TCB xx