Shop Til' You Drop

Forget Century21 and all those outlets an hour away of the city. If you come to New York is not to shop cheap, my friend, it's to shop RIGHT!

If your idea of shopping is to go to all places commoners go, then stop reading right away. If you like unique pieces that stand out wherever you go, then continue. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zara and all the high-street stores, but I can get that at home and probably cheaper than in the states, so why bother?

If you are in the same mindset as moi and you’ve got some dollah to spend, you’ve landed at the right site. Happy shopping gurrrrL



  • Maiyet - Their flagship store on Crosby St is most beautiful and minimal store I've seen in a long time. Not to mention their handcrafted bags are SO DREAMY. Also, you've got the Nomo Hotel for a quick drink and the Egg Shop for the perfect brunch stopover.
  • American Two Shot - Also around the corner from Maiyet, a Super Cool Store for Super Cool People. Not only clothing but also home stuff and creative little items that are probably useless but SO cool. I mean, really.
  • V Files – You faaancy! Hood by Air and the likes, properly set up in the nicest and coolest way.
  • Reformation – Need to explain myself on this one? You have IG and claim you are into fashion, right? Then all has been said.
  • Frankie shop (aka Pixie Market) – Same thing as reformation. But if you need a bit of info…all those catwalk pieces you wanted? Here, for you, and at affordable prices.
  • 3NY – This shop I discovered on my last trip to the city. And I love it! Remember my Valentino lookalike? I got it here. Really funky and unique finds, with a variety of prices. Much better to go in-store than online. 
  • Warby Parker and Moscot for great eye-glasses and sunglasses. Warby Parker has more of a young vibe, with lots of different styles and frames and good for every budget. Moscot is a NY staple. It’s a family business that’s been running for centuries and their frames have been worn by many famous people.
  • Aritzia and J. Crew– OK,OK, OK these are sort of chains. But we don’t have them in Europe! Minimalist concept store with great evergreen pieces. Great steal of the season: suede pants for less than $100!
  • The Market NYC (on Broadway w/ Broome St) – Probably quite touristy but I found true gems in these warehouse: great if you are looking for good (gold-plated) jewelry and leather goods



The list of shops across this street is LONG. It is mainly luxury firms, but also independent designers (up and coming, of course), so if you come from the UK, it is probably worth checking them out, since your pounds are worth more overseas.

If you are coming from anywhere else, I still think it is worth for you to have a stroll around the area. It is my favourite neighborhood for a reason, not only the shopping.