Photography by Garon Smith

Photography by Garon Smith

As you guys may have heard me saying on my insta stories, this has been quite a peculiar London Fashion Week. Silly me didn't realize that my brother was visiting the same weekend fashion month was kicking off for me! And family should always come first, really. 

So, as much as I love seeing what's gonna be cooking next season, I had to restrict myself to attend just the most necessary bits. 

That doesn't mean though, I didn't dress to impress! That's my favourite bit of it all! The attention, the grandeur, the photographers and the flashlights, ... It is is very empowering, and that's what I went for for my first outfit of the season. Would you agree?

Stay tuned for more, 

TCB xx


Daivor Casablanca Blazer
Boden Velvet Suit Trousers
Launer London Mini Traviata Bag
Maria Pascual Jewellery
ZARA Boots (old)