Cock-a-doodle-doo, said the Rooster

Photography by  Roz Alcazar

Photography by Roz Alcazar

Apparently the rooster shouts "cock-a-doodle-doo" in the mornings, according to the English that is. In Spain, our roosters shot "ki-ki-ri-kii" which to me, sounds more accurate. 

Isn't amazing how different can a sound be depending on where you've grown up? According to my française roomies, the rooster sings "cocorico"! I mean, how many different languages a rooster can speak? Animals never fail to amaze me, clearly.

In any case, Happy (belated) Chinese New Year! The Year of The Rooster. 

Independent, honest and punctual, roosters are confident and competent but emotionally volatile (so not the best in social situations). 

If you are one of them, good luck. Dragons (like moi) are definitely in for the win, but will let you off for a year. After all, everybody has to shine from time to time...

In any case, I was on my morning run the other day when I discovered this amazing pagoda at Victoria Park. Man, that park is awesome, It has so many lil stations to discover! Plus its right next to the canal, which to me is always a plus. 

Of course I saw the Chinese pagoda and I instantly thought it was a great opportunity for the take some pretty pictures to celebrate the new year. You must be wondering though, what the hell does a Chinese pagoda in the middle of Victoria Park? I've got the answers to your queries.

China opened to the West during Queen Victoria's reign and in 1842 the original Chinese Pagoda was built as an entrance to the Chinese Exhibit in the London Parks.

After the exhibition, the Pagoda was purchased for display in Victoria Park. The two story Pagoda stood on an island in the center of one of the parks lakes but suffered considerable damage during World War II and was eventually demolished. Thankfully, around 2010 the Borough was awarded a £4.5m grant towards a programme of major improvements to the park and a new Pagoda was introduced! Voila ~~~~

Have a wonder if you can, it's pretty out there.