Messy hair seems to agree with me, lately. 

And truth being said, I never brush it. So, I am sorry to disappoint all of you who were wondering how to get that look! I can't really give you any tips on how to do it aside from the fact that I constantly play to get the so-called "Beach Waves" with my straighteners. It is definitely my go-to style, so much that I could probably do it in record time and with my eyes closed. However, to get it to the voluminous and careless (not so careless, really) look I love, it takes about 1 day after I've washed it.

Having said that, how COLD is it these days? I was just seeing this pictures from our shoot on Friday and I got the shivers just thinking about how freezing cold it was. Of course I was wearing a tee to show off but, seriously, I can't wait for some sunshine and warm weather. Sadly, I feel the situation is not going to change any time soon so we may as well embrace it. As we say in Spain: "to the bad weather, good face"! God, am I really discussing the weather now? I'm becoming more British than I thought...

In any case, CANALS. That's what I was meaning to tell you about today. London is great for a weekend promenade by the river, and since I moved east, I've been enjoying quite a bit of that. The walk from Columbia Road to Victoria Park is short yet very cute; kind of a must on a Saturday if you are at Broadway Market. If you want a longer walk, then going the other way around is probably best: from Victoria Park to Hackney Wick. Why? Because when you hit the finish line you'll be able to recharge with a refreshing beer at CRATE Brewery, while probably indulging one of their home made (and freakingly delicious) pizzas.

TCB xx


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