Wear it Pink, candy girl

Pinch me cause I can't believe it's October already! But as fashion month comes to an end it's time to get our wardrobes sorted. As I mentioned in my previous post, the candy girl will be one of the dominatrix trends this season.

Sweet simple, elegant outfits that create the wow-factor.  Don't be mistaken by the word candy though. You can play with pale hues in many different ways. For this occasion, I chose a tomboy outfit. Cause why not, right?

October brings a lot of things, it's the start of a new season, a new wardrobe, brand new adventures on TCB...but more importantly, it's the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) and it's time for you to get involved. 

BCAM is a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organisations around the world to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research. There are about 50,000 new cases of breast cancer every year in the UK solely, so it's time to work together!

As of now, there are two campaigns that I'm supporting closely: Breast Cancer Care and its Big Pink campaign and Breast Cancer Now and its Wear it pink campaign. It takes little time from you and it has a greater impact on somebody else future, so please have a look!

The beauty industry is also massively involved in it, sharing the profits of their sales for the case. You can see some of the available options here

Don't forget it's for a great cause! Let your friends know you're doing something wonderful for people with breast cancer. 


Pedro Del Hierro Satin Blazer (sold out, similar below)
Mango White Tee
TopShop Joni Jeans
Studded Leather Boots
Furla Candy Bag (available in other colours)
Maria Pascual and Cast of Vices Rings

Life is a beach

For more than 80 years, women have been wearing Levi’s® to make the most of every day, to live life to the fullest and express their own brand of originality. And since creating the first-ever blue jean for women in 1934, the Levi’s® brand has obsessed over making the perfect pair of jeans for women.

Be brave and self-confident. That's what Levi's stands for these days!

My daring story starts by moving for love from Barcelona to London 2 years ago. Even though the love story did not work out I do not regret a single bit of it. It allowed me to move out of my parent's house and get out of my comfort zone, having to adapt to a complete new environment. And let me tell you, it has been great so far!

Nevertheless, it is great to come home from time to time. Specially over summer, when you get to go to the beach (just a 5 minute walk), enjoy the great weather and the terrific company of your friends. 

#LadiesInLevis now it's time tell me your story!



Levi's original tee
Levi's Denim shorts
RayBan Round sunglasses
H&M Wool Fedora Hat (or similar options here)


Photography by  M. Abbas

Photography by M. Abbas

Of course it had to rain during #LFW! This city would not be the same without it. And hey, there's a silver lining to every cloud and you get to wear as many hats as you want in this weather! Oh I love hats...

I have to thanks GHD and their S&M salon (pun intended there) for treating me like a princess and making my hair look so natural, even under the pouring rain. Not to mention all the goodies I took home! What a great survival kit.

After having my hair done and getting a bite in between shows (see reviews for Day 3 and 4 here), I managed to visit the Minnie: Style Icon exhibition hosted by BFC and Georgia May Jagger.

The exhibition follows the Disney character’s evolution as a fashion icon from the 30s to the present and includes images of Madonna, Twiggy, Ashley Williams’s Minnie Style collection for DAZED magazine and other photographs shot by and featuring Georgia May Jagger. Pretty cute and interesting! And with lots of spots for snapping a good picture too ;)

To finish what has been a great (and tiring, let's not deny it) fashion week, I met the talented M.Abbas at the Keiko Nishiyama catwalk and he took the amazing motion pictures of me in the rain that you can see in this post.

Have a lovely week, 


Photo 21-09-2015 15 29 09.jpg


ZARA hat (AW15)
long khaki shirt (SS15)
Topshop Jewellery (similar here)
Topshop Joni Jeans 
Rayban Sunglasses
Marc Jacobs for Selfridges MacBook Case (sold out)

Layered Up in Logomania

Layered Up in Logomania

A new year has started. And that me lots of new fashion, life style and food delicacies at The Careless Blogger. I must admit being on holidays and particularly being back home has been incredible. Not to mention that I've been slightly spoiled. Santa has been really good with me this year! But going back to the point...Fashion. Today I wanted to talk about layers. I've always found it very difficult to wear many clothes at once. It looks tremendously good on those inspiration boards every fashionista checks. And you keep asking yourself why don't I ever do that?!

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Destination Christmas: Winter Wonderland

Destination Christmas: Winter Wonderland

I am passionate about Christmas. That’s it, I said it. But who would not be excited about this time of the year? Specially if you live in London. From the beginning of December (if not late November), the city becomes so whimsical, so magic! All the streets are enlightened with the Christmas spirit, and of course the shopping plays along.

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In the streets of West London

In the streets of West London

Oh guys, it seems to me the end of the year is the end of the world for my clients at work! I've been so crazy busy I've only been able to keep up with my #InstaFashion addiction during weekends...I knoow, duuuh! However, the streets of London are beautiful anywhere you are, so every corner turns up to be an opportunity to take a picture :)

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Denim Street Art Lovers

Denim Street Art Lovers

I must say I had an awesome weekend. I've got to have a mini holiday without even leaving the city! A very good friend of mine invited me to stay in East London and enjoy the unknown bits of the area. And it was thrilling! We made no plans and just decided to embrace whatever we wanted, which turned out to work perfectly.

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Promenades at Columbia Road Market

Promenades at Columbia Road Market

How beautiful Sundays are. Specially when you actually do something rather than stay at home with a massive hangover...which usually happens. As I previously stated in my posts, if you want to do something on a Sunday in London, I'd go East. Here I tell you why.

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A day in the life


I am very happy this week, specially this week. After several hectic weeks at work it seems everything is calming down (fingers crossed!). That means I've got more time to enjoy more of what London has to offer and leaving the office on time, which is alwas great! London has been buzzing. It might be due to the London Fashion Week and the streetstyle parade but since I've recently update my wardrobe with lots of new stuff for the new season, I wanted to give you a preview.


Mango Wool Long Gilet (available here

Mango Faux Leather trousers (available here)

Pull & Bear Stripes Top (available here)

Mango Leopard print messenger bag (oldie, similar here and here)

Leopard print brogues (bought in a cute little shop in Tokyo, similar here)

Ray-Ban Shades (available here)

Jewelry by Maria Pascual (available here)


IMG_9317IMG_9322 IMG_9324  IMG_9345  IMG_9331 IMG_9334 IMG_9335 triIMG_9357  IMG_9363

Jewelry by Maria Pascual


Mango Leopard print messenger bag (oldie, similar here and here), Leopard print brogues (bought in a cute little shop in Tokyo, similar here)

Smells like Heaven


In another of my strolls around the City last week, I went to Camden. The hype about this neighborhood has lowered over the years, letting other neighborhoods like Shoreditch or Islington become more trendy. However, I still think it's nice to go there and have a wander. You never know what you could find. Camden is the place to go if you are looking for real leather goods or quirky items. You probably wouldn't find them anywhere else, or at least that cheap! And that is what happened when by accident I popped into one of those souvenir stores and found this gem: the Chanel Perfume Bottle bag made into a phone case.

After discussing with myself whether it was worth spending money on something that was a replica or not I decided to go for it. I have to admit I have a little addiction with phone cases (among many other things, trust me), and the more funky the better.

So if you are looking for a fashionista phone case (pss, mine was also in black and they had many other options to choose from as well) something funny to wear, or just wondering what to do on a nice S unday afternoon, head over there. There's a beautiful path over the river where you will also find plenty of food stalls and vintage bargains.


P.S: For those who fall in love as much as me with this phone case, and can't get Camden, you can get it online here